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Health problems associated with air pollution created by industrial emissions cost developed countries approximately 5% of GDP in lost work, productivity and health care costs. Unhealthy workplaces and living environments are a serious health issue: the most common industrial pollutants – particulate matter, pollen, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, spores – can cause many problems including respiratory illnesses, cardiac problems, cancer and even premature death. In Italy alone the approximate annual cost to society due to emissions-related health problems is €78 billion.


APA is a filter-less air pollution abatement system working with a wide array of industrial emissions. APA’s efficient method of cleaning and purifying air directly lowers emissions from industrial processes, reducing adverse health issues for employees and overall pollutants that contribute to climate change.

APA cleans air within a 25 metre radius and is scalable, customisable and can work alone or in a network. Pollutants that APA removes from the air include particulate matter, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, pollen, spores, NOx, SOx, and CO2. The system utilises Is Tech’s patented state of the art, water-based, chemical-free, centrifugal force process instead of disposable filters, producing water-based waste. Compared to other systems, APA’s innovative filter-less technology greatly reduces manufacturing and maintenance costs. And APA is unique as it can be positioned in working environments rather than on discharge points of industrial processing machines. This means workers benefit from more direct effects of air purification, creating a healthier working environment.

As APA purifies air below legal mandates, this lowers plant emissions, helping avoid large fines and bills levied on polluters; plants that have to stop production due to exceeding emissions limits regularly will have the opportunity to expand and increase production output. APA has a low capital investment with a year pay-back time and runs 30% more efficiently and economically than competing products.

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