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With the new generation of medical students currently in universities having grown up using new technologies, their attention spans have shortened while the way they consume information has changed. Therefore, current methods of learning can be less efficient being based on out of date textbook format and on phrasing that convolutes essential information & distracts the students from the salient concepts.


Anatomy Next is an innovative, SaaS solution which allows end-users to accelerate and enhance the spatial awareness of the human anatomy, all while reducing the overall cost and time of the process. AN’s solution does so by creating highly accurate, interactive 3D anatomical models, incorporating cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology. Available as a web-based platform, mobile application & HoloLens application, it is offered to universities & their students/staff in different packages. Unlike other competitors on the market or in development, AN has the 3D anatomical models validated by medical consultants & uses the FMA Ontology as an extensive database of all types (race, sex, age) of human body structures, in alignment with medical knowledge, providing precise anatomical information unseen in such a medium. Offering users integrated AR technology & an option to 3D print sections of the models for a personal and ‘hands-on’ learning experience is proven to be a very efficient method of learning that is favoured by students.

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