About This Project

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) are products sold quickly at relatively low prices, like foods, beverages, and toiletries. Most people consume FMCGs every day. Despite the huge size of this market, FMCG producers and retailers experience a number of challenges. First, the need for more product data is continuously growing due to legal and consumer expectations. Second, there is no commonly agreed structure for product information exchange between producers and retailers. Plus, current processes are inadequate for big data exchange, since they are mostly performed manually and, thus, more error-prone.


Alkemics has developed a Peer-to-Peer platform to overcome these challenges. B2BMarketplace is the first and unique global B2B marketplace for FMCGs. It connects retailers and producers to sell and buy FMCG goods. It enables producers to get their products discovered by retailers, streamline product data exchange in order to accelerate product launch, and increase the quality of the product content across the retailer ecosystem. At the core of B2BMarketplace lie Alkemics’ unique algorithms which allow the automated product information sharing by translating the inserted ‘raw product data’ into data that is compatible with the common systems used by the stakeholders of the marketplace.

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artificial intelligence, b2b, distribution, ITC, marketplace, retail, wholesale

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