AgriStar Bio

About This Project

Biosolids treatment system which transforms industrial organic wastes into efficient fertilizer without toxic emissions.


Global annual organic waste generation is set to reach 3.4 billion tonnes over the next 30 years. Although organic waste management continues to improve in the EU, the European economy currently still loses a significant amount of potential organic matter and nutrients. Organic waste generated from agribusinesses, livestock farms, forestry businesses and even urban settlements have the potential to be recycled to obtain organomineral fertilizers. However, current strategies to treat organic waste like inertization (treating sludge with lime, water and cement to form a stable mixture) and composting (using microorganisms to transform organic wastes into fertilizer) are neither sustainable nor environmental-friendly. In addition, the fertilizer industry often uses chemical additives and the process is energy intensive. To solve these problems, Agristarbio has developed BTSys an emission-free, environmental-friendly system to treat industrial organic waste, recycle them and produce highly efficient organomineral fertilizer, reducing drastically environmental impact. Agristarbio’s solution produces an efficient fertilizer from organic waste with zero carbon emissions and no contamination of soil and water. The solution is economically viable since it effectively integrates waste management services with the added value of fertilizer production at no extra cost. The waste management services and premium grade fertilizer are offered at market price, facilitating businesses to implement circular economies.

Eco Innovation






circular economy, organomineral fertilizer, waste management, zero emissions

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