Meet Our Venture Studio Participants


Predictive audience insights of film, tv, & streaming content at the development stage.

MYSTORY is the first platform delivering predictive audience insights on European film and TV content at the development stage, supporting the generation and distribution of high quality content aligned with a plurality of languages and tastes around Europe. MYSTORY’s Marketplace showcases qualified scripts for movies and TV series, facilitating the match between screenplayers and small/medium producers.


A smart editing SaaS platform helping companies from all over the world produce stellar documents.

This collaborative document editor uses proprietary NLP algorithms to create compelling public grant proposals, business plans, financial plans, pitch decks, agreements, contracts and many other business documents.


Business model definition is the output of our hands-on validation process, in which we iterate the model and pivot when necessary to produce a functional and lean methodology for each business’ operations.

Aural Industries

A one of a kind, dynamic digital recruitment and career path support platform.

As the only system capable of Al powered knowledge extraction, verification and skills assessment, Hyperuranium precisely matches job seekers to job requirements at the fundamental level of skills without any bias.

Astound Project

Challenging the capability of machines

An emerging startup enabling machines to be more humanistic, providing better understanding and deeper connections between people and technology through research and development on consciousness and awareness in technology.


A language learning app with unparalleled speech recognition capabilities and virtual exchanges

LOQUI is a browser based and smartphone app that utilizes virtual tutors to help users acquire a new language through a speak & imitate format, correcting their mistakes in real time. Users will find themselves immersed in a virtual world where they can interact situationally in a variety of real-life simulations, providing an unmatched language learning experience.

We walk hand in hand with companies through t heir entire journey, ultimately guiding them in the direction of successful commercialisation of their products and business growth.

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