11 Oct i-must

The legacy of Richard Reid’s unsuccessful December 2001 attempt to blow up a transatlantic flight with explosives concealed in his shoes is the Transport Security Administration’s requirement that airline passengers remove their shoes for x-ray inspection, in the belief that potential terrorists will try to...

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05 Oct Unfraud

In a society with ever-increasing levels of online interaction, the impact of cybercrime is a growing concern. In the EU, the cost of cybercrime has reached €871 billion a year, fraudulent card transactions amount to €1.27 billion and the International Monetary Fund and World Bank...

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29 Jun Eye-O-T

Today there are around 800 million connected devices in Smart Homes, forecasted to reach 2 billion devices by 2020 - an uptick of about 250 million new devices per year. Smart Home networks become crowded, difficult to maintain and vulnerable. Today’s Smart Home systems, such...

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