23 Oct Nello One

People are buying more and more online – the e-commerce market reached €1.9 trillion worldwide in 2018, a 26% jump from 2016. Retailers now need to compete on convenience as well as price. Delivery is one of the biggest gripes consumers have with online shopping....

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23 Oct OptimalFetch

Data usage over mobile networks is rapidly increasing as more consumers surf the web, check email and watch video on mobile devices. Mobile apps which content is highly dynamic cause latency issues, increased battery consumption, increased data usage and bandwidth issues in wireless networks. Online...

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22 Oct Schrott24

Scrap metal trading is an old-fashioned, regionally segmented and predominantly offline industry. Hence historically it has been an untrustworthy and difficult to navigate market with sellers having limited buyer and transportation options.   Schrott24 is a transparent and trustworthy digital platform for trading scrap metal that guarantees...

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22 Oct eDCaseMAN

Electronic discovery (known as e-discovery) is the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request in a lawsuit or investigation. The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is the stablished and accepted framework by e-discovery practitioners. Commonly, the...

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22 Oct Pozyx RTLS

Nowadays more than 80-90% of people’s time is spent indoors. Most of this time is spent at the work place, where, the position of a user or a device in a given space is one of the most important elements of contextual information. Location detection,...

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22 Oct Better Dairy

Endometritis is a curable uterine infection that is highly prevalent in cow farms affecting approximately 30% of cows per year, with up to 70% incidence in some herds. A farm with just 1,500 cows and with a typical incidence rate of 30% has a loss...

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22 Oct Eyecode

Around €1 trillion were exchanged in mobile financial transactions in 2016 alone, however up to €480 billion were subject to hacker attacks and security breach attempts. Online crime is estimated at 0.8% of worldwide GDP, with developed countries in regions like Europe and North America...

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10 Sep CorreAssess

In an ever globalised world, where the digital economy is growing at seven times the rate of the rest of the economy, IT infrastructures are among the so-called “critical infrastructures”. Computing and networking are now utilities in the same way as electricity and water supplies....

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11 Oct ResearchProof

The scientific publishing sector is facing significant challenges related to authorship and dissemination of research. Currently, authorship acknowledgement is provided only upon final publication of a paper, a lengthy process that ranges from 9 to 18 months due to the traditional anonymous pre-publication peer review...

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11 Oct Mammowave

Breast cancer is a global challenge: the most common cancer in females and the first cause of death worldwide for women in all age groups. Regular screening is of paramount important for early diagnosis to increase the outcome of a cure.   Currently, mass breast cancer screening...

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