31 Oct PlasFree

Each year, almost 2 million people die from haemorrhaging, or blood loss. Massive blood loss can occur upon: Trauma, Surgery, Childbirth, Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC), Gastrointestinal Bleeding, etc. In all of these cases, there is an urgent need for efficient plasma transfusion to halt the...

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31 Oct MDB Diagnosis Group

Globally, more than 18 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year and this number is set to exceed 22 million by 2030. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 50% of cancer deaths could be avoided by enabling early cancer detection. Unfortunately, the...

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31 Oct RenalSense

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)-acquired Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is a prevalent and serious problem, associated with significantly increased morbidity and mortality. According to the Global Burden of Disease (GBD), each year around 1.7 million people worldwide are estimated to die from AKI. AKI develops in...

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22 Oct Neuroprex

According to the World Health Organization, 350 million individuals are affected by depression. In the United States, depression affects 16 million people and it costs $210 billion a year in lost productivity and care for the illnesses related to the disease. Antidepressant drugs are coupled...

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22 Oct Levate

This project addresses important national and worldwide challenges related to the mobility of people who use wheelchairs (4 million in the US alone), which is continuously jeopardized by many daily challenges. Through the development of an affordable and ready-to-use aftermarket accessory capable of increasing the...

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23 Oct PanINSULA

Today there are about 60 M people with diabetes in the EU. Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) patients must cope with a lifetime of intensive self-care (testing their blood sugar levels several times a day to inject insulin when required) and the risk of premature death....

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23 Oct NS System

Neurological disorders, ranging from epilepsy, autism, dementias, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases affect 1B people worldwide. Currently, Europe has the greatest percentage of population aged 65 or over (25%) and these numbers will grow by 3% per year as the population ages increasing the number of...

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23 Oct FuseX

Surgical adhesions are a consequence of abdominal trauma during surgery. Although there are a multitude of available barriers on the market today, the efficacy of these solutions is questionable and can lead to adverse side effects. If untreated, these surgical adhesions can solidify and grow,...

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22 Oct LPPDS

End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) or End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), the fifth and last stage of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), is recognised as a major public health problem. It occurs where kidneys are no longer capable of sufficiently filtering waste products from the blood....

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22 Oct STstent

Chronic sinusitis is constant inflammation of the sinus caused by infection or allergy and characterized by facial pain and pressure, nasal congestion, and headaches. When drug treatments fail, functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is performed to improve airflow within the nose and sinuses, improve drainage,...

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