29 Oct AgriStar Bio

Biosolids treatment system which transforms industrial organic wastes into efficient fertilizer without toxic emissions.   Global annual organic waste generation is set to reach 3.4 billion tonnes over the next 30 years. Although organic waste management continues to improve in the EU, the European economy currently still...

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22 Oct Mycotaff

Mycotaff is an advanced bio-material designed using mushroom mycelia as a non-toxic binder agent that enables the production of affordable, environmentally friendly and recyclable building materials, for a wide range of applications, from agricultural waste.   Mycotaff materials have a low embodied energy and can be manufactured...

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22 Oct Phytoponics

The global population is expected to grow rapidly to reach 9 billion by 2050 increasing pressure on farming and food production. Securing a sustainable and affordable method to meet this demand is a global challenge. Hydroponics has been identified as the most efficient way to...

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22 Oct HSBF Protein and Oils for Fishfeed

Aquacultures rely on a large amount of processed food stock called fishfeed to run their activities. Most of it comes from unsustainable wild or high-value sources and its production involves chemical compounds which can persist along the food chain and in the environment.   Hexafly’s innovative solution...

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22 Oct Mimica Touch

Current printed expiry dates on food products are inaccurate and conservative estimates, which can’t predict the condition the food is exposed to. This results in 33% of all food being wasted (1.2 billion tons). Of this food 60% is still edible and was disposed of...

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22 Oct 3DBattery

There is a rapid rise of a wide variety of smart consumer portable devices in recent years. These new and emerging technologies require batteries that have to be thin, lightweight, flexible, and pliant to offer better usability and autonomy. As a result, most require strict...

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The presence of pollutants in fresh, ground and seawater threatens wildlife and ecosystems and raises concerns for public health. Water pollution indeed not only puts biodiversity at risk and disrupts the fragile equilibrium that exists underwater, but also affects economic activities, such as fisheries, aquaculture...

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10 Sep EcoFeel

The household sector accounts for 29% of the overall electricity consumption in EU and up to 39% globally (about 8.000 TWh ). At EU28 level about 505 TWh of electricity are wasted every year because of the low efficiency of standard appliances, equivalent to the...

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10 Sep CyanoKit

Cyanide is a toxic chemical compound used to manufacture hundreds of everyday goods in many different industries. Approximately 1.1M tons of cyanide are used annually worldwide to produce vitamins (B12), jewellery, adhesives, computer electronics, cosmetics, paints, pharmaceuticals and table salt, among others.   Cyanide is a fast...

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Pickling is a metal surface treatment used in the stainless steel industry to remove impurities from steel and obtain optimal surfaces. This process uses mixtures of nitric and hydrofluoric acid and results in large amounts of waste acid: every hour, globally, approximately 270,000 litres of...

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