22 Oct JoinTech Labs

Osteoarthritis (OA) is today a major worldwide challenge for health systems, representing the most common degenerative joint disorder and the leading cause of chronic disability among older adults. In the U.S. alone, OA affects 30 million people and it represents a $303 billion economic burden....

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22 Oct AVM Biotechnology

Increase in obesity, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity are driving the prevalence of diabetes among all ages. In the U.S., diabetes currently affects 14% of the population of all ages, and it is the seventh leading cause of death, with an estimated cost of $237...

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22 Oct Fibroplate

The threat of radiological and nuclear accidents or attacks demands effective radiation medical countermeasures (MCM) able to mitigate and treat the effects of exposure to ionizing radiation. Hematopoietic acute radiation syndrome (HRAS) and cutaneous radiation syndrome (CRS) pose severe, life-threatening risks to exposed individuals. Currently,...

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22 Oct LimuleX

A pyrogen is a fever-inducing substance when introduced or released into the bloodstream, typically produced by a bacterium. Pyrogen testing is a fundamental necessity in quality control for product safety in the regulated biomedical industries. For example, parenteral preparations have to be pyrogen-free because administration...

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11 Sep BlindTouch

Today, only a fraction of the 285 million visually impaired people around the world can effectively use smartphones and connected digital services. Despite the efforts of developers and organisations promoting accessibility, blind people are painfully behind when it comes to smartphone technologies, which all use...

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11 Sep Volumizer

Aging is something that affects everyone. In order to combat the effects of aging, in a time where social and aesthetic appeal is so popular, people have turned to aesthetic injectables as a way to look and feel rejuvenated. Unfortunately, there are a multitude of...

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11 Sep denovoSkin

Every year in the world, more than 50M patients suffer from skin defects (e.g. burns, excision, etc.) and need surgical intervention to restore normal skin function. Standard of care, skin autografting, very often leaves these patients with permanent and disfiguring scars, which can also be...

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05 Oct SynVaccine

Direct costs related to the prevention and treatment of cancer, and the economic value of lives lost and disability caused, cost the world approximately €1.16 trillion in 2010; adding the longer-term costs to patients and their families bring the annual global cost to $2.5 trillion.   There...

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02 Jan spinitCompanion

Biosurfit have developed an In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) tool - the spinitCompanion - enabling the testing for a wide range of blood parameters that are needed for urgent and accurate diagnosis in order to deliver the correct treatment for chronic diseases. The solution comprises an...

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02 Jan HPE1

Pharma73 SA is a Portuguese start-up dedicated to the development, production and commercialization of a new generation of High Functionality Excipients (HFEs). Excipients are inactive ingredients used together with active ingredients to formulate drugs into finished dosage forms. Ranging from 15% to 95% of the...

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