Alessandro Guerrucci  it

Administrative Manager & Director, Spain 

Alessandro is the Administrative Manager of the Alien TT Group, as well as Managing Director of our Spanish Subsidiary, Caravel Innovation S.L. He is an experienced Financial Analyst, graduated in Market and Financial Intermediaries Economics. He holds a Masters in Finance, Budget Analysis and Management Control. He started working as an independent Trader on financial markets, first in the stock markets and then in the currency markets. At the same time, he served the role of Branch Manager at Agos Spa and he worked as CEO for a training company on the Foreign Exchange Market in Rome. During his career, he developed remarkable skills in organizational and administrative sector, international financial market analysis, asset allocation, portfolio management, investment analysis, risk management, cost reduction plan, report and budgets writing, leadership, master classes held, personnel selection , working to targets within a team.

Elena Ciaralli Parenzi  

Administrative Assistant 

Elena was born in England. Lived in Italy, Switzerland and Brazil. She has traveled all over the world from a very early age in countries very different from each other, which has given her an understanding and deep respect for all cultures. She has worked in different fields and developed her skills in company efficiency analysis, monitoring of results compared to budgets, dealing with clients and suppliers, quality system, planning and problem-solving. The international structure of Alien TT and mission to support small businesses develop their ideas, is something that has appealed to her immediately.

Steve Johnson 

Corporate Legal Officer

Steve’s working life commenced back in the 20th century with several years in the British Army; on leaving the Army, he trained as a Commercial Diver with the intention of pursuing a glamorous highly-paid career in the oil industry – but instead found himself working in the cold, dark, dirty waters of various docks, harbors, rivers and canals throughout the UK (and for not a great deal of money). Steve then decided to continue with his education – having left school at the age of 16 – and so enrolled at university somewhat late in life as a full-time mature student; having left it until the last possible day in which to enroll there was only one course with any vacancies left, so Law it was…Upon graduating from university, Steve found himself continuing his studies on a PhD course in Criminology; unfortunately, lack of funding prevented completion. Steve then spent the next twenty years or so working in a variety of roles with a legal orientation, most of them connected with insurance law, but managed to sneak in a “year out” teaching Business English to corporate clients in Madrid, where he also failed to learn Spanish. Most recently – i.e., prior to joining ATT in Las Palmas – he worked for an American multinational insurance company, finishing up with 2 1/2 years working in their office in Prague, Czech Republic. In his spare time, Steve enjoys keeping fit (running, weights, hill walking), music (Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues) and reading (history, biography, crime novels).

Federico D’Arino 

Human Resources Manager

Born in Argentina and raised in Gran Canaria, Federico graduated in 2011 in Business Management from the University of Carlos III in Madrid. He spent his 3rd year in Stockholm as part of the Erasmus programme. After completing his degree, Federico moved and began his professional career in Germany as a IT Recruitment Consultant, where Frankfurt became his new home until 2015. Then he decided to move to Chile for love. Concurrently, he was able to further develop his skills and expertise in Human Resource Management until 2017, when the decision was made to put an end to the endeavors abroad and come back home.

Project Financial Consulting

Valentina Loisi  

Chief Marketing Officer & Director – Spain

Since the beginning of the Horizon 2020 SME instrument, Valentina became an expert in spotting interesting innovative SMEs all over Europe and the world: more than 50% of companies scouted by her have received the funding from the European Commission. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s in International Relations, both cum laude, from LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome, where she learnt how to tackle central aspects of the international and European public sphere from an economic, legal and political point of view. Eager to learn more about EU-funded projects, she worked in Skopje on a project for the Macedonian Ministry of Information Society and Administration, while writing her Master thesis on the use of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance funds in the Western Balkans. During her studies, she was able to experience directly how public organizations, such as the UN and the European Council, function and she also worked at the LUISS Career Services.

Justina Sauciuvenaite  

Chief Sales Officer & Director – Lithuania 

Justina is our Chief Sales Officer and Director of the Lituanian branch. Starting as one of our dedicated Project Financing Consultants, Justina rose quickly among the ranks at AlienTT. She graduated from the University of Aberdeen where she gained a Bachelor of Science in Ecology. Justina spent a lot of time exploring the Highlands and its ecosystem, with science and innovations playing a huge role in her life. She has over 5 years’ experience in the customer service industry where she performed a wide range of tasks; handling complaints and inquires, assisting in sales, promoting and organizing events and finishing with team management. She also worked as an interpreter where she met many people with different needs, expectations and values. She believes in success through hard work and dedication, thus exceeding clients expectations is what keeps her motivated.

Ugne Urbonaite it

Project Financing Consultant

Ugne is a Project Financing Consultant at AlienTT. Three and a half years in ISM University of Management and Economics not only helped her earn her Bachelor of Science in International Business and Communication but also gave her a comprehensive knowledge on the global business environment. One Bachelor of Science wasn’t enough so currently, Ugne is trying to obtain another one in Logistics Management. Over the last couple of years she has been gaining professional experience in different positions in different countries, namely Latvia and Greece. She decided to join ATT because of a strong belief that she will be helping innovative technology’s to come to life and in this way improve people’s lives. Ugne is always seeking for challenging tasks in order to build herself as a strong and innovative person. In her free time you can find her volunteering in cultural events or taking tourists to see around Vilnius.

Lucas Borkel 

Project Financing Consultant

Lucas graduated in Philosophy from University Autónoma in Madrid and worked as a philosophy lecturer and science communicator in collaboration with museums, research centers and companies in Spain, Germany and Czech Republic. His major interests are science, arts and ecology. Because he loves to learn, he enrolled in a neuropsychology master. He likes to hike in the nature and play bass at jam sessions.

Katarina Dobrowolska 

Project Financing Consultant

Katarina graduated in Finance from Matej Bel University, Slovakia. Right after school she worked as an accountant for an international company, later on moving to Direct Tax Accounting within the same company. After 4 years she moved to Gran Canaria, where she worked and improved on her spanish and german. A curious mind, she decided to join Alien TT to pursue her career and to be on the receiving end of all new and exciting innovations and start-ups. In her free time she enjoys gym, skiing and being with friends.

Kipras Umbrasas 

Project Financing Consultant

Kipras was always passionate about emerging technology, seeing it as a measure of human progression. That is why he works at Alien TT as a Project Financing consultant. Having graduated from marketing BSc in Lancaster university, Kipras gained invaluable experience by working on industrial marketing challenges by consulting various B2B companies as a part of academic assignments These included market research and digital solutions for a British landscaping company or providing insights on networking strategy for a Finnish biofuel sampling start-up. The projects made Kipras realize that his career lies in industrial marketing. Assisting innovative start-ups to improve people’s living standards, therefore is a dreaemlike opportunity for him. Outside the office, Kipras loves a good basketball/football match or travelling to meet new people and learn their culture.

Lina Bikute it

Project Financing Consultant

Lina, a Finance graduate from the prestigious Bocconi University in Milan is currently a Project Financing Consultant at Alien TT. With a strong educational background, prior business experience, over three years spent abroad, as well as fluency in four languages (among which Lithuanian, Eglish, Russian and Italian) – she is considered to be a valuable asset to our company. With her dedication, quantitative expertise and extensive passion for innovation – she contributes to Alien Technology Transfer, whereas her personal diversity and wide range of hobbies (which include horse riding and skiing, as well as prior constitution of part of the order of Malta) prove her as not solely a great team member and as a skilled communicator, but also as a highly intelligent and considerate individual. Her future plans include continuing her sccessful contribution to our clients, as well as upping her language knowledge to a total number of six.

Jussara Alayon  

Project Financing Consultant

A Project Financing Consultant with Alien TT, Jussara finished her degree in Journalism and continued to learn the different strategies and intricacies of Marketing, a field in which she calls home. She has been gaining professional experience in Sales and Marketing over the last couple of years in different countries; namely Spain and Australia. Following these adventures, she decided to join ATT to pursue her interest in helping new and innovative projects climb to the top of the market, keeping her clients positive on a day to day basis with her sunny disposition. She is proud knowing that she has assisted her courageous clients to reach their goals doing what she knows best; finding different alternatives and the best solutions available.

Bea Website scaleld

Beatriz Madrid Clares 

Project Financing Consultant

Beatriz graduated in Law at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. She spent her last course of studies at Universita degli Studi di Ferrara, thanks to an Erasmus Program, which enabled her to travel around 14 countries falling in love with meeting new places and experiencing new cultures. After she finished the Erasmus Program, she began studying Social Security but realizing that wasn’t her vocation, left her life in Spain, moving to England to work and improve on her English. She is currently completing her master degree in Intellectual Property and New Technologies at UNIR. She also loves all types of sport and is an animal lover.

Andrea Marchig 

Project Financing Consultant

Andrea is a Project Financing Consultant at Alien Technology Transfer. After his Master Degree in Diplomatic Sciences and International Relations at Trieste University he immediately started working in international contexts. His career started in the field of renewable energies working for a company active on Russian and European markets. In such context he gained experience in B2B relations, customer care, sales and promotion. In these years he had the chance to experience small enterprises struggles in a competitive field as renewable energies and dealt with many manufacturers and traders different requests and expectations. He believes that it’s essential for small and medium enterprises to be supported in their business and development by professionals who personally experienced the situations they deal with. Therefore he’s glad to provide the best support to companies willing to develop their innovative business projects through European Commission funding opportunities.

Indre Remeikyte it

Project Financing Consultant

Indre is a Project Financing Consultant passionate about supporting innovative SMEs in their quest to change the status-quo. Indre holds a Bachelors in Tourism and Hotel Management from Kaunas University of Applied Sciences. She has written her thesis on the application of innovative technologies in the Tourism sector and has experienced entrepreneurship first-hand as a project member for the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises (JADE). After working for two years with various applications to serve client needs in the aviation industry, Indre has turned to helping SMEs succeed in their innovation journey.  When Indre is not assisting the next big innovators, she enjoys traveling and experiencing unique cultures as well as an occasional lindyhop dance evening.

Lukas Kulertas it

Project Financing Consultant

Lukas is a Project Financing Consultant at Alien technology transfer. He earned a bachelor of science in International Business and Communication at ISM University of Management and Economics, with exchange experience at EDHEC Business School in France. While doing his internship at one of the leading fruit and vegetables wholesale companies in Baltic States, Lukas wrote his bachelor thesis focusing on B2B sector to acquire extensive knowledge on market research and business expansion solutions. He decided to join ATT because of a strong belief that he will be contributing to the good of society by helping innovative technology’s to reach the market and improve people’s lives. Lukas is extremely dedicated to every task in order to reach the best outcome for his clients. His tenacious attitude from the previous experience as a basketball player, gives him a strong desire to constantly improve and exceed client’s expectations.

Sofía González 

Project Financing Consultant

Raised in Gran Canaria, Sofia moved back to her native city of Madrid to complete a Bachelor Degree in Business Management at Universidad Complutense. During that time, she worked as a financial adviser for a leading German finance company, gaining a deep understanding of financing to launch and carry out projects successfully. With a strong commitment to further develop her skill-sets, along with a desire for adventure, Sofia continued her postgraduate studies in Australia, completing a Diploma in Business & Operations and currently finalizing a Diploma in Graphic Design. Over the course of five years, Sofia continued to develop her professional career, specializing in business development in industries such as tourism, higher education, foreign affairs, investment and funding.

Matej Barvirčák 

Project Financing Consultant

Graduated in Finance from Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. After completing his degree and spending some time in the United States, he returned to his hometown in Slovakia. The city, called Prešov, is where Matej co-funded a business, which now includes both a mobile coffee place and an escape room game. Following to this experience, he decided to pursue a MBA in Vilnius in search of developing an international career. Enjoys traveling around the world, making friends and searching for adrenaline through both wake- and snowboarding.

Sandra Hryniewicz 

Project Financing Consultant

Sandra was born and raised in Poland, where she earned her bachelor’s degree of Business Management and master of Human Resources Management at Wroclaw University of Economics. During her academic career she had an opportunity to study at University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as an Erasmus scholarship holder. She speaks 4 languages: Polish, English, Spanish and German and has accumulated work experience in international environments. Previously she worked as Fund Accountant in one of the biggest international investment banks. She also has experience in the fields of business administration and sales. Sandra is passionate about business and always eager to learn.

Project Management

Paul Pietrangelo  

Chief Operating Officer & Director – Ireland

Since 2013, he has concentrated on the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument, working with SMEs from across the EU and the world in developing their business concepts and creating pan European collaborative partnerships with the objective of gaining finance. He graduated with Honours in Politics from the University of Southampton. During university, he spent his summer holidays starting up various business ideas, expanding the most successful of those internationally when the limits of the UK had been reached. Once graduated he worked in local government in the environmental department, researching the feasibility and planning the roll-out of cost and emissions saving methods such as the use of LED lights and a garden waste recycling service, the latter of which got successfully implemented. Paul is an English mother tongue and also speaks Italian and French.

Igne Vaisnoraite  

Chief Operating Officer – Italy

Igne has a significant international experience, starting from her homeland Lithuania and ending “dream country” USA or exotic Brazil. She has graduated Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, a degree in International relationship manager, with the 6 months exchange at University of Porto. She already accounts 2 year experience as a business consultant, had been working at one of the most promising startup in Brazil and continues her career at AlienTT . Igne has worn many hats, from business analyst and European funding consultant to team driver or dealer with the most innovative startups in Europe. She always says innovations and inspirational ideas are her driving powers.

Alessio Caracci 

Chief Operating Officer – Spain

Alessio has significant experience in H2020 and the SME sector. He graduated with a Master’s in Philosophy from the University of Rome La Sapienza in 2009. After graduation he worked as Project Manager in a SME environment, participating in assignments for both private and public institutions in Italy. He was also involved in social innovation projects, helping social entrepreneurs get projects started and funded. He has traveled over Europe and has lived in Rome, Berlin and Dublin before moving to Las Palmas in the Canaries. Alessio speaks Italian, English, some German and is now learning Spanish. He plays basketball and cultivates a small vegetable garden on his balcony.

Sergio Dominici 

Product Manager

Sergio is a technologist who, over the time, became more and more interested in processes and products.
With a degree in Software Engineering, when he eventually gave up his ambition to pursue a career in the music industry, he focused on software development and hardware hacking, and ended up working in many different industries (avionics, industrial automation, gamification, healthcare, oil&gas, online gaming and tourism among the others). Passionate about technical innovation and UX, South America and magic realism, jazz and MPB, he’s an avid reader and traveler, who lived in three countries and worked in four continents.

Alessandra Pacilli  it

Project Manager 

Alessandra matched her two main interests – Research and Entrepreneurship – in Technology Transfer. Her mission is to make people’s life better; her strength is her willingness to learn, which makes her an enthusiastic person and team worker. Her background is multi-disciplinary: after a MSc degree with honours in Biomedical Engineering in Rome, she took a PhD in Measurements for Space and Engineering from University of Padua, where she specialized in Robotics for Rehabilitation, realising from scratch an interactive robot. Upon winning an Invitalia-Fulbright scholarship, she studied Technology Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University, and worked in an incubator for biomedical devices as a business analyst. Coming back in Italy, as PostDoc at “Sapienza” University of Rome, Alessandra had the opportunity to approach Research also from a managerial point of view, by supervising the team resources and writing successful grant proposals. That was the turning point that led her to completely dedicate herself to help teams in transferring powerful research ideas into successful businesses.

Isabelle Gordge  

Project Manager

Isabelle works as a business analyst applying her engineering expertise to evaluating and writing H2020 project proposals. She was born in England and attended the University of Manchester where she studied Civil Engineering and spent her summers working in Madrid, Barcelona and Biarritz. After graduation, Isabelle travelled around South America before returning to Europe and settling in Rome.powers.

Steven Kiberd 

Project Manager

Steven is a business analyst, assisting in project proposal writing and the development of business plans. He was born in Ireland where he began his undergraduate degree studying Business Studies & Spanish at Dublin City University. As part of a dual-degree programme, Steven completed his studies in Madrid at Universidad Pontificia Comillas where he graduated in June 2015. During his summers Steven completed internships in both Dublin and Madrid. Upon graduation he relocated to Rome and looks forward to creating new international experiences. Steven is a native English speaker and also speaks Spanish.

Edward Emmanuel 

Project Manager

Born and raised in the the Asian tiger cities of Hong Kong and Singapore, a major blend of eastern and western sensitivities became part of his early livelihood and being. He completed 5 years of Technical Polytechnic and University Education in both his native Singapore, and current host city of Dublin, Ireland. He developed a keen interest in the dynamism and intricacies of management, business and technology, having seen out roles in Military Leadership, Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Sales Consultancy and Business Development; bringing him across the globe from Shanghai to San Francisco. Even deeper cross-cultural and business savvy was adapted from his decade-long experience, taking the best practices from all. He currently shares his commercial and technical acumen for the funding of promising ventures within the EU.

Colm Dodd  ie

Project Manager

A dynamic, energetic project manager, Colm’s work experience has spanned a range of responsibilities across a wide spectrum of industries. From hands-on skilled work in construction to mechanical and design engineering at a major chemical company, he brings his whole life’s experience to every project. The work ethic of a start-up founder, the focus of a lifelong martial artist, and the grit of a ground worker bound together by the mind of an engineer. Colm graduated with honours from the Dublin Institute of Technology, with a degree in Manufacturing and Design Engineering, he also draws on his skills as a creative writer to bring his work to life.

Gavin Nevin 

Project Manager

An Irish native, Gavin started his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Trinity College Dublin. During this four year course was when he was first introduced to entrepreneurship, business and project management. During part of his studies he and a few of his fellow students created a business model for an innovative solution, winning awards and recognition from heads of universities and businesses. Following on from this success the development of the company began with first-hand experience in writing business plans and proposals and working alongside chief executives, investors and organisations, receiving national recognition. Here at Alien TT he is in his element working on helping SMEs within Europe develop their business with funding to reach commercialization.


Noemi Quesada 

Project Manager

A project manager with Alien Technology Transfer, Noemi began her adventures with us from our Dublin office. She has a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, based in her hometown. She has experience managing different types of projects, thanks to her academic and professional background. Noemi has an inquisitive mind and she loves travelling. She spent two years in Australia, where she studied Accounts Administration and Accounting. She speaks Spanish, English and French.

 Ryan Wilcox 

Project Manager

Ryan graduated in Business Studies from the University of the West of England in 2014. He spent his 3rd year in Barcelona as part of the Erasmus programme where he fell in love with Spain. Upon graduation, Ryan moved to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria where he worked as conversation teaching assistant. More recently, he worked for the Association for Project Management (APM), coordinating teams of volunteers across the UK in order to organise events for APM members. After missing the sun, Ryan relocated to Las Palmas in August 2017 and joined the Alien team as a Grant Writer. Ryan likes to spend his free time hiking, camping and listening to music.

Francisco Javier Miranda Velazquez 

Project Manager

Francisco was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), where he completed a four-year degree in Civil Engineering. During his first professional experience at an engineering company, he developed a keen interest in Project Management and Planning from Polytechnic University of Madrid. During this Master, he learned the best techniques in organisation and control of business projects. After getting wide professional experience in Madrid, London, and his home town, he moved away from his technical background into areas of business, earning a Master’s Degree in international Business from Camilo Jose Cela Unicerity of Madrid, as part of a grant awarded by the Government, in which he learned how to address the main challenges faced by a globalized business. Nowadays, he is a Project Manager at Alien Technology Transfer. First in Dublin and now in Las Palmas, he is applying his knowledge and experience in support SMEs to turn strong, innovative business ideas into winners on the market.

Ivano Manfredonia 

Project Manager

Ivano is a project manager with a relevant experience in EU project proposals since the FP7 funding program. He graduated in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic of Bari. After graduation, he worked for three years as junior project manager and prototype lab technical consultant for a biotech spin-off company of the National Research Council (CNR) in Rome. During these years, he earned a PhD in Telecommunication and Microelectronics Engineering from Tor Vergata University as outcome of a multidisciplinary wok aimed at enhancing the readout signal in multi transaction biosensor instruments for a new concept of environmental monitoring swarm sensor network. Over the last while he dedicated to support innovative SMEs in the field of Modular Smart Building and Remote Piloted Aircraft System (drones) as project consultant and fundraising manager. His continuous desire fo fostering promising technologies and the willingness to work in an international, dynamic and stimulating environment led him to cross AlienTT’s path.

Bevan Carr  ie

Project Manager

Bevan was born and raised in the fair city of Dublin. He completed a certificate in Computer Games Technology in Scotland before returning to his home city of Dublin to purse his passion for science and technology through a degree in Physics and Astrophysics at Trinity College Dublin. With experience ranging from sales consulting and editing to carpentry and research, he now leverages his broad skill set in assisting innovative SMEs to draft grant proposals for funding from the European Union.

Michael Grasty 

Project Manager

A lawyer by trade but a curious mind by design, this South American found at Alien TT, a group of individuals that shared his passion for technology transfer. With a keen interest in problem solving, Michael started working as a corporation lawyer for Morales y Besa, Chilean based law firm, where he mostly advised international clients. After working there for two years he took a leap of faith that landed him working for a transmission pipeline in New Zealand. As part of the commercial and regulatory team for First Gas Limited (previously Maui Development Limited), he gained technical and commercial acumen in the gas industry; from knowing how to validate gas measurement at every gate, to dealing with the complex world of gas balancing trades. Fluent in Spanish, English and German, it came naturally to him that the Italian subsidiary of Alien TT was the next move. As Alien’s Project Manager, Michael wants to bring a different perspective to our client’s traditional problems.

Silvio Matassa 

Project Manager

Silvio developed an extensive research and work experience in the fields of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology, where he finds inspiration and motivation in promoting social and environmental sustainability. After receiving a M.Sc. degree with honors in Environmental Engineering at the University of Cassino (Italy), he moved to Ghent (Belgium) upon winning a Marie-Curie PhD fellowship. During his PhD in Applied Biological Sciences and his subsequent work as R&D Engineer at Avecom (a spin-off of Ghent University), he worked on the development of new biotech platforms in the field of water treatment, spanning from lab to pilot scale applications. In the meantime Silvio also contributed as grant writer to several successful national and international research projects, triggering his passion in translating scientific research into real-life applications and businesses.

Bogomil Mihaylov 

Graphic Designer & Copywriter 

Bogomil hails from Sofia, Bulgaria originally but has made the rounds in several other countries first completing a BA in Psychology in Germany and then, pursuing his creative aspirations, honed his skills as a graphic designer and photographer in the UK, Gibraltar and Spain. Design for him is the quintessential meeting point between form and function, art and utility regularly presenting different challenges and sometimes solutions. Although he leans towards minimalism and functionalism, he always keeps an open mind and experiments with new ideas, methods and isms. Outside of design and photography, music, film, travel and nature is where he finds rapture and inspiration.

Gabriele Piergiovanni 

Project Manager

Gabriele has a strong background and an extensive research experience in Life Sciences. After an MSc degree with honors in cell biology at the University of Milan, he moved to England where he enrolled at the University College of London to perform a PhD in molecular biology. During his graduate studies, Gabriele became an expert in genome stability and cancer biology by working on the DNA replication mechanisms of tumour cells at the London Research Institute, funded by Cancer Research UK. He came back to Italy for a three-year post-Doc at the Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM) in Milan. Here, he led research projects focused on discovery of new genes associated with rare diseases working in collaboration with the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in Barcelona. After several years of active laboratory research, Gabriele decided to apply his scientific knowledge to the business world. Within AlienTT, he works to make sure that promising scientific research is made available to everybody by launching it into successful businesses.

David Nugent 

Project Manager

David was born in Dublin and began his studies by completing an undergraduate degree in Economics and History. He further achieved a degree in Irish Law and just recently he obtained a Master of Science in International Law and Business. Having gained valuable experience across a variety of sectors, from Education to Account Management, he is applying his knowledge and experience in supporting SMEs turn their initial innovative idea into a profitable venture.

Minerva Alemán 

Project Manager

Minerva was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where she completed a four-year Degree in Electronics Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering. She has a strong background managing continuous improvement projects through her experience as World Class Manufacturing Specialist in a brewery. More recently, she was a Team Leader at a salad factory, where she was given the chance to test her managerial potential.

Adrien Raucoules  

Project Manager

Driven by efficiency, organization and an aptitude for learning, Adrien completed his undergraduate studies at The University of Tennessee in Mecahnical Engineering with exchange experience at Politecnico di Torino. During his schooling, Adrien was able to get a broad range of hands on technical experience at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Army Research Laboratory in the areas of research and development, 3D printing, and project management. Having been born in Lyon, France and living in the southern United States, his desire to connect with internationally and scientifically inclined professionals lead him to a Project Manager position with Alien Technology Transfer in Rome, where he helps bring innovative ideas to life. Living an active and culturally diverse lifestyle is the key to his personal and professional development, where he strives to excel and minimize learning curves with whatever tasks are at hand.

Caterina Angela Dettori  

Project Manager

Caterina Angela was born and raised in the island of Sardinia (Italy). She has a BSc and an MSc in Natural Sciences from the University of Cagliari, a PhD in Environmental and Applied Botany with a thesis in Plant Population Genetics and four years of experience as a post-doctoral researcher. During her university studies and academic career, she lived in Switzerland, in the UK and in different Spanish cities and ended up falling in love with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. She speaks Italian, English, Spanish and French. She is considered to be a eclectic person with many interests and a perpetual eagerness to learn while making the most of her skills.

Sam Mane  

Project Manager

Born in Rome to Indian parents and having attended American educational institutions, Sam is a citizen of the world. Having studied for one year at Bocconi University, he completed his B.A. in Business Administration in Rome, later achieving his MA in European Studies. He worked in the private sector with Orange Business Services, and later within the public sector for various UN agencies. He has experience in various areas such as Marketing and Administration, HR, Finance and Treasury. He loves every aspect about technology and how it can facilitate people’s lives on a daily basis. His education in business and European studies brought him to cross Alien TT’s path with the goal to foster SME businesses.

Quality Management

Arianna Tibuzzi  it

Chief Quality Officer

PhD in Sensors and Electronic Devices. Fulbright fellow within the “Technology Entrepreneurship” programme at Santa Clara University, USA, on transferring innovative technologies from labs to market. From 1999 to 2010, researcher in MEMS, silicon technology, electronic devices, (bio)sensors at: FBK, Italy; University of California Berkeley, USA; National Institute for Nuclear Physics-INFN, Italy; CNEA, Argentina; National Research Council-CNR, Italy. More than 10 years experience in project management, strategic R&D and industrial partnership building, tech transfer, business and product development. Independent Expert Evaluator in FP7, Horizon 2020, Eurostars.

Francesca Dini  

Quality Manager & Director – Italy

Francesca has a Biomedical Engineering degree and a PhD in Sensors and System Engineering at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. She collaborated with the Linkoping University in Sweden within a Marie Curie Research fellowship, and then she continued her research work at the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. She was co-founder and CEO of a spin-off company, created with the aim of transferring scientific results to the market. During this time, she came in contact with technological innovation from research institutions and start-up companies. From this experience she decided to pursue brilliant business ideas to help them find their way to the market.

Guido Manzi 

Quality Manager

Guido is one of our Quality managers, over seeing the IT infrastructure, and mathematical modelling of the internal procedures within ATT. With a Master’s degree in Physics and a PhD in Theoretical Physics fro Tor Vergata University under his belt, Guido then went on to complete a year’s post-Doc in Max Planck for Mathematics in the Sciences in Lepzig before returning back to Tor Vergata and completing another year’s post-doc in Tor Vergata University. After gaining years of experience as a Scientific coordinator, Researcher and consultant, Guido then went on to become a founding director and CEO of SUM S.R.L. . An innovative thinker, creator and mathematical whizz, Guido is a crucial voice relied on within the ATT Group.

Business Development

Alessandro Rufo  it

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Alessandro graduated in automation and control engineering, he has a master degree in Project Management and Innovation Management. His experience in the last 15 years covered different technical and business fields: in defense and space he worked in the development of innovative equipment for aeronautic applications. He has been advisor for the development of the Smart Grids, Energy Management Systems and Substation Automation Systems. He conceived, developed and managed many successful projects from a large spectrum of applications such as medical and sport devices, eco sustainable material processing and production, industrial packaging, unmanned vehicles, high efficiency engines, eco sustainable propulsion systems, farm automation, aquaculture, wearable sensors. Since 2007 he advises clients on business concept definition, business planning, project financing, and project management, influencing the new product development process from the cradle
to the market.

Fabio Manzi  it

Chief Financial Officer and Founder

Fabio is an expert in Technology Transfer. He supports innovative startups and established Small and Medium Enterprises from all over the world in their new product development processes, favoring their access to grants within the European funding Horizon 2020, since more than 8 years. He graduated in Cognitive Science at the Universiteit van Amsterdam UVA. Subsequently he began his business career in innovation management at the UPF SPECS laboratory, at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. In Rome, he has attained the Master in ” Technology Transfer Mediation” at the University of Tor Vergata. He finally specialized in financing and management of technological innovation with the industrial research laboratory Labor Srl, with whom he has worked with for more than 4 years, strongly contributing to the fundraising of more than 25 R&D projects.

Mary Ryan  

Business Development Manager

Mary is the Executive Assistant of Alien TT. She has completed an extensive Executive Assistant and Legal Secretary diploma. She has also completed courses in Health and Safety and First Aid Training. Born in Dublin, Ireland, Mary has lived in both London and Rome. Although enjoying working in her home town, she loves to travel and loves the busyness of the bigger cities. Her background includes many years in the Customer Service field and as such she has an expert manner in dealing with our clientele. Throughout her career Mary has been sought out to help create and develop many different projects in sales, business progression and HR areas. Mary enjoys being part of an exciting team that is ever growing and loves to be challenged. She speaks both English and Irish.