Company Managers

Alessandro Guerrucci

Administrative Manager & Director – Spain

Alessandro is the Administrative Manager of the Alien TT Group, as well as Managing Director of our Spanish Subsidiary, Caravel Innovation S.L. He is an experienced Financial Analyst, graduated in Market and Financial Intermediaries Economics. He holds a Masters in Finance, Budget Analysis and Management Control. He started working as an independent Trader on financial markets, first in the stock markets and then in the currency markets. At the same time, he served the role of Branch Manager at Agos Spa and he worked as CEO for a training company on the Foreign Exchange Market in Rome. During his career, he developed remarkable skills in organizational and administrative sector, international financial market analysis, asset allocation, portfolio management, investment analysis, risk management, cost reduction plan, report and budgets writing, leadership, master classes held, personnel selection , working to targets within a team.

Arianna Tibuzzi, PhD

Chief Quality Officer

PhD in Sensors and Electronic Devices. Fulbright fellow within the “Technology Entrepreneurship” programme at Santa Clara University, USA, on transferring innovative technologies from labs to market. From 1999 to 2010, researcher in MEMS, silicon technology, electronic devices, (bio)sensors at: FBK, Italy; University of California Berkeley, USA; National Institute for Nuclear Physics-INFN, Italy; CNEA, Argentina; National Research Council-CNR, Italy. More than 10 years experience in project management, strategic R&D and industrial partnership building, tech transfer, business and product development. Independent Expert Evaluator in FP7, Horizon 2020, Eurostars.

Valentina Loisi

Executive Officer & Director – Spain

Since the beginning of the Horizon 2020 SME instrument, Valentina became an expert in spotting interesting innovative SMEs all over Europe and the world: more than 50% of companies scouted by her have received the funding from the European Commission. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s in International Relations, both cum laude, from LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome, where she learnt how to tackle central aspects of the international and European public sphere from an economic, legal and political point of view. Eager to learn more about EU-funded projects, she worked in Skopje on a project for the Macedonian Ministry of Information Society and Administration, while writing her Master thesis on the use of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance funds in the Western Balkans. During her studies, she was able to experience directly how public organizations, such as the UN and the European Council, function and she also worked at the LUISS Career Services.

Igne Vaisnoraite

Executive Officer & Director – Italy

Igne has a significant international experience, starting from her homeland Lithuania and ending “dream country” USA or exotic Brazil. She has graduated Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, a degree in International relationship manager, with the 6 months exchange at University of Porto. She already accounts 2 year experience as a business consultant, had been working at one of the most promising startup in Brazil and continues her career at AlienTT . Igne has worn many hats, from business analyst and European funding consultant to team driver or dealer with the most innovative startups in Europe. She always says innovations and inspirational ideas are her driving powers.

Srijan Bandreddi

Executive Officer & Director – India

Srijan has an extensive experience around Business and Product Innovation, Business Development, Technical Development, Digitalization and Digital transformation in a matrix organization and startup environments. He has worked with a wide range of stakeholders from large complex organizations to nimble startups in multi-cultural environments across USA, Europe and India.Srijanhas a deep passion for technology and wide understanding of business alongside a strong track record of turn-around and end-to-end execution of green field Projects. With a Bachelor and Master degree in Engineering, he possesses a unique mix of hands-on experience in both worlds – Technology and Business. He enjoys endurance sports, culinary arts, DIY projects, programming and travel as interests.

Sergio Dominici

Chief Technology Officer

Sergio is a technologist who, over the time, became more and more interested in processes and products. With a degree in Software Engineering, when he eventually gave up his ambition to pursue a career in the music industry, he focused on software development and hardware hacking, and ended up working in many different industries (avionics, industrial automation, gamification, healthcare, oil&gas, online gaming and tourism among the others). Passionate about technical innovation and UX, South America and magic realism, jazz and MPB, he’s an avid reader and traveler, who lived in three countries and worked in four continents.

Gabriele Piergiovanni, PhD

Chief Team Leader

Gabriele has a strong background and an extensive research experience in Life Sciences. After an MSc degree with honors in cell biology at the University of Milan, he moved to England where he enrolled at the University College of London to perform a PhD in molecular biology. During his graduate studies, Gabriele became an expert in genome stability and cancer biology by working on the DNA replication mechanisms of tumour cells at the London Research Institute, funded by Cancer Research UK. He came back to Italy for a three-year post-Doc at the Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM) in Milan. Here, he led research projects focused on discovery of new genes associated with rare diseases working in collaboration with the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in Barcelona. After several years of active laboratory research, Gabriele decided to apply his scientific knowledge to the business world. Within AlienTT, he works to make sure that promising scientific research is made available to everybody by launching it into successful businesses.

Indre Remeikyte

Chief Team Leader – Spain

Indre is a Project Financing Consultant passionate about supporting innovative SMEs in their quest to change the status-quo. Indre holds a Bachelors in Tourism and Hotel Management from Kaunas University of Applied Sciences. She has written her thesis on the application of innovative technologies in the Tourism sector and has experienced entrepreneurship first-hand as a project member for the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises (JADE). After working for two years with various applications to serve client needs in the aviation industry, Indre has turned to helping SMEs succeed in their innovation journey. When Indre is not assisting the next big innovators, she enjoys traveling and experiencing unique cultures as well as an occasional lindyhop dance evening.

Isabelle Gordge

Chief Team Leader – Italy

Isabelle works as a business analyst applying her engineering expertise to evaluating and writing H2020 project proposals. She was born in England and attended the University of Manchester where she studied Civil Engineering and spent her summers working in Madrid, Barcelona and Biarritz. After graduation, Isabelle travelled around South America before returning to Europe and settling in Rome.

Steven Kiberdie

Chief Team Leader – Spain

Since 2015, Steven has supported companies from various sectors (such as transport, renewable energy, biotechnology, healthcare) through project management and successfully raising funds to commercialise world-class technology, primarily received through H2020 – the largest EU Research and Innovation programme to date with nearly €80 billion of funding available. Prior to joining Alien Technology Transfer, Steven completed a dual bachelor’s degree in Global Business Studies & Spanish, graduating from both Dublin City University (Dublin, Ireland) and Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid, Spain). Born in Ireland, Steven is a native English Speaker and also speaks Spanish.


Robert Wiersema

HR Manager

From a young age Robert always had the desire to connect and travel abroad! Born in the Netherlands and with a keen interest in building start ups across in Europe. His professional experiences took him to all across the European continent and now currently in Italy.After spending nearly a decade working in sales management and business development for multi million dollar brands and startups in e-commerce, telecom,logistics and energy ,Robert knows what really drives the business and the power of creating the right team that propels to massive growth.Today he’s part of the Alien network and selecting the brightest talents across three continents to accelerate the funding of promising ventures within Europe and the USA. Ventures that make a real difference and improve peoples live.Robert has advanced fluency in English,French,German,Italian,Spanish and Dutch and holds a Degree in International business.

Francesca Dini, PhD

Quality Manager & Director – Italy

Francesca has a Biomedical Engineering degree and a PhD in Sensors and System Engineering at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. She collaborated with the Linkoping University in Sweden within a Marie Curie Research fellowship, and then she continued her research work at the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. She was co-founder and CEO of a spin-off company, created with the aim of transferring scientific results to the market. During this time, she came in contact with technological innovation from research institutions and start-up companies. From this experience she decided to pursue brilliant business ideas to help them find their way to the market.

Alexandra Knopova

Corporate Legal Officer

Born and raised in Slovakia, Alexandra studied and worked in three European countries before settling in Italy. Alexandra’s professional life started while finishing her first Law degree in Bratislava where she interned in various local and international law firms. After obtaining her degree she started to work for the Bank Ombudsman of Slovak Republic and in the free time she taught business and legal English to the companies in Bratislava. Following this experience she relocated to Italy, where she started to work for an international consulting company with branches all over Europe. To further her education, Alexandra took the decision to continue to study Law in Italy, thus completing her second Law degree. The international experience helped Alexandra to become more open-minded and to obtain a creative approach for the resolution of the problems. Alexandra speaks 4 languages fluently – Slovak, Czech, Italian and English – and is always happy to learn a new one. In her free time she enjoys writing, traveling, tennis, and boxing.

Mary Ryanie

HR Manager – Spain

Throughout her career Mary has been sought out to help create and develop many different business lines in sales, business progression and HR areas. Starting as Executive Assistant in Alien’s beginning days, she helped develop many areas in the company, both externally and internally. With many years experience in customer service, Mary has a natural gift for understanding people and their needs which comes through in her position as HR manager. Mary enjoys being part of an exciting team and loves the challenge of helping the team grow not only in numbers but in personal and professional development. She speaks both English, Irish and is mastering Spanish.

Elena Ciaralli Parenzi

Administrative Manager

Elena was born in England. Lived in Italy, Switzerland and Brazil. She has traveled all over the world from a very early age in countries very different from each other, which has given her an understanding and deep respect for all cultures. She has worked in different fields and developed her skills in company efficiency analysis, monitoring of results compared to budgets, dealing with clients and suppliers, quality system, planning and problem-solving. The international structure of Alien TT and mission to support small businesses develop their ideas, is something that has appealed to her immediately.

Anna Grind

HR Assistant

Born and raised in Sweden, Anna has since young years travelled and worked abroad. Working with different cultures in different countries has made her open to learning, agile and a promoter of the importance of cultural and emotional intelligence. Anna speaks three languages fluently and is working to improve two more. She has a background from fields that vary from dance to renewable energy and broad experience in HR Project Management.Anna seeks continuous learning; She holds a degree from the Ballet Academy of Stockholm, a master in HR Management and further university studies in Marketing, Sustainable development in organizations and Coaching. Two main reasons to HR being her calling is a passion for unlocking human potential in a digital era and a strong belief in the impact motivated employees have on organizational success. In her spare time Anna enjoys the outdoors and is also the president of a Swedish women educational association in Rome, Italy.

Justina Sauciuvenaite

Quality Manager

Justina has been dedicated AlienTT team member for the last 3 years. Starting as one of our Project Financing Consultants, Justina rose quickly among the ranks at AlienTT. Currently, she is acting as Quality Manager with a specific focus on the Marketing Department.
Justina graduated from the University of Aberdeen where she gained a Bachelor of Science in Ecology, which gave a start for her hunger to know existing and future technologies to improve the life and safety. While having a great opportunity to work from Israel, a great start-up powerhouse, she became eager to bring all the extraordinary innovations to the daylight. Technologies bring the excitement to Justina’s life as it gives a chance to have a glance into the future and with AlienTT she can contribute to shaping the future by helping exceptional innovations to reach all of us.

Paul Cogswell, PhD

Quality Manager

Paul comes from England and has a background in chemical research and technology transfer. His university career began in the UK with an MChem at Durham University, including an extended research project at an academic institute in Germany. He then moved to the University of Bristol for a PhD in multidisciplinary chemical synthesis, including aspects of research & innovation and intellectual property. His project was conducted in collaboration with a major pharmaceutical company. Paul concluded his time in research with a project at Kyoto University in Japan, where he also enjoyed travelling and learning about Japanese culture. He then spent three years helping university researchers to commercialise their research output through IP licensing and the creation of spin-out ventures as a Project Manager at a leading UK Technology Transfer Office. Paul is excited to help European SMEs achieve commercialization as a member of the AlienTT Quality Team in Rome.

Gregorio Rodriguez d’Acri, PhD

Lead Sourcing Specialist

Gregorio is a multi-disciplinary engineer working as the Lead Sourcing Specialist at Alien Tech Transfer. His evolving thirst for new knowledge has led him from classics high school studies in Italy to a Mechanical Engineering degree, followed by a Masters in Power Systems Engineering and culminating in an industrial PhD in Biochemical Engineering, all achieved in top UK universities. His personal experience with Horizon2020 includes winning his own grant for a post-doc at University College London for the study of the scale-up of stem cell therapies through applied fluid dynamics, performing his own research and disseminating findings whilst training the PhD candidates in advanced experimental methods and initiating research collaboration with industrial parties. Today he helps Alien Tech transfer in searching for the exciting new technology that will shape our future, providing support in transforming great ideas into innovative reality. His curiosity and ingenuity help him dig deep to filter out the hype from the plethora of today’s innovations and uncover the ideas that will make the successful enterprises of tomorrow. His passion for innovation is somewhat in contrast with his fondness for old motors, in particular his vintage motorcycle for which, albeit his best efforts, can’t find the source of the oil leak.

Alessio Caracci

Quality Manager

Alessio has significant experience in H2020 and the SME sector. He graduated with a Master’s in Philosophy from the University of Rome La Sapienza in 2009. After graduation he worked as Project Manager in a SME environment, participating in assignments for both private and public institutions in Italy. He was also involved in social innovation projects, helping social entrepreneurs get projects started and funded. He has traveled over Europe and has lived in Rome, Berlin and Dublin before moving to Las Palmas in the Canaries. Alessio speaks Italian, English, some German and is now learning Spanish. He plays basketball and cultivates a small vegetable garden on his balcony.

Guido Manzi, PhD

Machine Learning Specialist

Guido is one of our Quality managers, over seeing the IT infrastructure, and mathematical modelling of the internal procedures within ATT. With a Master’s degree in Physics and a PhD in Theoretical Physics fro Tor Vergata University under his belt, Guido then went on to complete a year’s post-Doc in Max Planck for Mathematics in the Sciences in Lepzig before returning back to Tor Vergata and completing another year’s post-doc in Tor Vergata University. After gaining years of experience as a Scientific coordinator, Researcher and consultant, Guido then went on to become a founding director and CEO of SUM S.R.L.. An innovative thinker, creator and mathematical whizz, Guido is a crucial voice relied on within the ATT Group.

Giorgio Maria De Rango

IT Team Leader

Born and raised in Rome, Giorgio started his university career at Engineering Management when he came across his passion for the tech world. Later on he engaged in a Master Degree in Computer Science and Engineering, finishing in December 2017, after an exchange period in Norway. During his last year of school, he worked at a consultant company. After graduation he deepened his research on detection and profiling.

Anand Sekhar

Full Stack Developer

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Chennai in India, Anand is pursuing his undergraduate degree in the field of computer science from SRM-IST. While in college he did various courses, including IMAD(Internet & Mobile app development) certified by NPTEL & IIT-M, Machine Learning, data mining & NLP. He is good at python,C++ and has a keen interest in competitive programming, participating in contests conducted on various online platforms. Apart from all these, he loves football & cricket. He likes to spend his free time learning new things and languages. Apart from website design & development, his other interests include robotics, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.

Rahul Arora

Tech Lead India

Born and raised in India, Rahul is a well-qualified developer familiar with a wide range of programming utilities. He holds a Bachelor degree in computer science and engineering.
He worked for various organizations and have good experience in Web and Mobile App development. He is passionate about new technologies and enjoys learning new trends. Apart from work he loves playing cricket and badminton.

Bharath Kumar

Front End Developer

Born and raised in Warangal,India. Holds a bachelor’s degree focused on Information Technology from JNTU Hyderabad.Front end developer with good experience of developing innovative solutions with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Ever enthusiastic of coding with analytical assessment to understand the concept and never give up attitude. Associated with start up in creating client centric innovative solutions, defining standards and setting up Best Practices.Interested in reading and curious to learn new things.

Renugopal Siva

Full Stack Developer

Hails from India, nicknamed Rego is a passionate coder who loves challenges. He completed his Electronics Engineering Degree in Bangalore,India and colloborated on a couple of innovative Tech startups during his degree. These startups were in the field of Industrial Automation Products and IOT security and on top freelanced as a Web Designer. Always has a zeal in him to achieve great heights. Plays cricket and football on weekends. Big fan of Harry Potter series, says that he will do the same magic with his code in our new office in Hyderabad, India.

Antonio Florido

Software Developer

Technology and software development were always interesting topics introduced to Tony at an early age. During his studies as a Software Engineer in Las Palmas he worked for companies developing solutions to them and improving his own career as developer. Always considered a “Pythonist” he participated in international projects. Machine learning and Big Data technologies are other areas of interest that he actually learns deeper. Fishing is also another passion of his.

Arup Patel

Full Stack Developer

Arup is a geek from India. His interest in the tech world exists since the beginning of the universe. He is currently pursuing his B.Tech degree in SRM-IST. He is always eager to learn and work on new technologies. He believes in the idea: A day without learning is a day wasted. He had interned for a couple of organizations in the field of data analytics and web development. Apart from his work and academic life, he is an otaku and plays E-sports.

Sravan Kumar

Tech Support Specialist

Born and raised in Hyderabad, graduated in Electronic and communication engineer in 2015.Interest towards software made me join HCL in the same year I graduated as a “Graduate Engineer Trainee” and become a senior analyst. Worked on Mobile device management for the client Cox Communication (US 3rd largest cable company) Worked as technical support engineer for an Enterprise Mobility Management product developed by Wenable Technologies.As I worked on support with direct interaction with customers, now I want to learn web development and my ambtion is to be a programmer as well. Interested to read novels and to play cricket in free time.

Victor Rodriguez

Junior Software Developer

Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, he always loved the tech world so started his university degree in IT, while completing courses and attending seminars. Between years he spent a year in Krakow, Poland and completed an internship in several companies in Gran Canaria as Helpdesk Support and Software Developer. He is into running, cycling and exercising in general.

Ashmik Pratik

HR Associate

Ashmik is an HR professional with varied experience in the healthcare, media and the finance industries. He holds a B.Tech degree from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (HBTI-Kanpur) and an MBA in Human Resource Management from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Kharagpur) with microcredit courses in the Science of Happiness and Stress Management. His upbringing has rendered him a multi-cultural and a multi-lingual personality which allows him to gel well and perform better as well as develop services and strategies in new ways delighting people always. He is currently fluent in six South Asian languages and loves to learn about new cultures. His interest lies in the field of strategic human resources and organizational development and he firmly believes that with the advent of AI-enabled HR bots and data-driven decision making, emotionally intelligent HR professionals would be the key to a happy organization.

Project Financing Consultants

Sofía González

Team Leader Spain

Raised in Gran Canaria, Sofia moved back to her native city of Madrid to complete a Bachelor Degree in Business Management at Universidad Complutense. During that time, she worked as a financial adviser for a leading German finance company, gaining a deep understanding of financing to launch and carry out projects successfully. With a strong commitment to further develop her skill-sets, along with a desire for adventure, Sofia continued her postgraduate studies in Australia, completing a Diploma in Business & Operations and currently finalizing a Diploma in Graphic Design. Over the course of five years, Sofia continued to develop her professional career, specializing in business development in industries such as tourism, higher education, foreign affairs, investment and funding.

Sandra Hryniewicz

Team Leader Spain

Sandra was born and raised in Poland, where she earned her bachelor’s degree of Business Management and master of Human Resources Management at Wroclaw University of Economics. During her academic career she had an opportunity to study at University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as an Erasmus scholarship holder. She speaks 4 languages: Polish, English, Spanish and German and has accumulated work experience in international environments. Previously she worked as Fund Accountant in one of the biggest international investment banks. She also has experience in the fields of business administration and sales. Sandra is passionate about business and always eager to learn.

Arjun Ananth

Team Leader India

Born and raised in India, Arjun has an extensive experience in Sales, and had roles in Operations and in managing events. He is an MBA graduate from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, specializing in Leadership & Strategy, with minors in Marketing.During his time working for a couple of start-ups, Arjun has developed interested in the education space in India, particularly in helping kids pursue their dream of taking off-beat career choices.He is a sports maniac and watches all kinds of sports. He is also passionate about traveling, exploring different cultures, reading books and listening to music.

Vinaya Gedam

Team Leader India

Vinaya is an experienced business professional with a demonstrated history of working in dynamic industries like aviation and now fundraising. She is a strong administrative professional with a Master of Business Administration – MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune and a right mix of strong analytical and interpersonal skills. Skilled in Business Development, Business Strategy, B2B Marketing and Key Account Management, Vinaya likes to work in challenging environments which offers learning opportunities and an impetus to both professional and personal growth.

Patrizio Ricci

Project Financing Consultant

Patrizio was born and raised in Rome, where he started his studies. He took a long period abroad traveling and working through Paris, Madrid and Luxembourg (where he worked at the European Parliament) and completed a degree in Linguistic Mediation focused on English and Spanish. He then graduated in Contemporary History at the University of Roma Tre.Following a semester in China to study the language, he got back to Europe and obtained a Master’s Degree in Chinese Studies at the University of Glasgow and an International Master in European Project Planning and Management at Pixel in Florence.Subsequent to his experience as Assistant European Project Manager at the Kaunas University of Technology, he joined Alien Technology Transfer in sunny Gran Canaria as Project Financing Consultant. His extensive travel and enthusiastic personality make him an excellent communicator with people from every nation.

Fernando José Hernández Lugo

Project Financing Consultant

Born and raised in Venezuela, Fernando decided to leave his country at the age of 16. He then spent a couple of years travelling and living in countries such as Canada, Switzerland, the USA. He finally moved to Spain to attend his degree where he completed a Bachelors in Business Administration. During such nomad years, he gained working experience in sales, customer service, finance, tourism, and managed a team of fraud analysts at a startup. In 2016, he moved to Las Palmas, his family’s hometown, as he had always wanted since childhood. He is passionate about learning new cultures, IT, sports, music, and film.

Sharath Rajan

Project Financing Consultant

Born in a small town in Kerala, Sharath’s lived in 6 states across India till now and will be in his 7th for pursuing his work at Alien TT. He completed his Bachelors in Business Administration from SRM-IST, Chennai.At the age of 17, he was introduced to the stock market and since then he hasn’t stopped learning about financial markets and global economy.During his 2nd year in college, Sharath interned for one of the biggest stock broking firms in India. He believes that all knowledge is good knowledge, even if it’s bad knowledge because then, one learns to distinguish between what’s good and bad.He enjoys reading books, listening to music, playing eSports and learning Spanish in his free time.

Nikitha Devraj

Project Financing Consultant

Nikitha pursued her Bachelors in Business Administration. Her interest in bridging the gap between technology and business prompted her to pursue Masters in E-Business and Innovation from Lancaster University, UK with a distinction. She has worked in startups across industries in different departments, including business research, marketing, human resources among others, in order to gain a deeper understanding of markets. She is always looking forward to learning something new and expanding her knowledge.

Ipsita Panda

Project Financing Consultant

Born and brought up in the temple city of Bhubaneswar, Ipsita believes in the power of optimism and gratitude.
She holds a degree in bachelor of technology in Biomedical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela.
She developed deep interest for sales while helping an entrepreneur with his business as an amateur and hasn’t looked back since then.
She has experimented with sales in industries like hospitality, artificial intelligence and education with a tinge of technical background in information technology at the beginning of her career.
Apart from work, you will find her enjoying writing, dancing, singing and being a part of the learning journey to learn anything that comes her way.

Matthew Lloyd

Project Financing Consultant

Born in the Welsh Mining valleys Matt gained a firm belief in Humility, Community and honesty. Earning a bachelors degree in Marketing & Web Design, he has a firm understanding of UX, agile methodologies and business workflow/processes.Matt has gone on to work for large enterprise organisations and start-ups alike – travailing the globe both backpacking and professionally having opened a business on the world famous Bondi beach.Most recently you will have found him helping Enterprise organisations on their digital transformation journey to bring in that agile entrepreneurial spark or working directly with entrepreneurs to bring their idea from conceptualisation to realisation in MVP format. Outside of the office, you can find him walking his dog or falling off his surfboard.

Indrajeet Singh

Project Financing Consultant

Born and raised in pink city of India, Jaipur; Indrajeet holds bachelor’s degree in mining engineering as well as MBA in general management. .He has worked in various industries, from mining to insurance to fintech to crowdfunding to venture capital to hedge-fund, and now Alien. He is passionate about new technologies and enjoys learning about their impact on the society. Apart from work he loves photography and Formula-1.

Adarsh Salla

Project Financing Consultant

Adarsh was born and raised in India, where he earned his Master’s degree of PGDM in Marketing and Operations. He speaks 3 languages: English, Hindi and Telugu and has accumulated work experience in Business Development and Sales. Previously he worked in various IT System Integrator, Cloud Service and SAAS companies in Sales role. Adarsh is passionate about business and is a continuous learner. He is an avid Aviation Enthusiast. Loves plane spotting in free time.

Gerard Salvador

Project Financing Consultant

Gerard has extensive experience in Business Consulting, Project Management, and Business Development in Agriculture, Biotechnology, Industry and Software industries.For 5 years has worked on a number of projects for stakeholders in large organizations and startups. Gerard has a passion for analyzing new business opportunities from an operational and business perspective. Passionate about projects that at their core use technology and innovation to help make the world more sustainable.He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance & Strategy from Maastricht University and has lived in 9 countries around the world. Enjoys going on runs and is always up for a good adventure

Rafal Gajoszek

Project Financing Consultant

Rafal graduated from the Cracow University of Economics where he gained a Bachelor of Commodity Science. During his university years he was introduced to various business branches and manufacturing. After finishing studies he started working at an international corporation where the chance was given to cooperate with clients from all around the world. After two years the decision to move abroad was made and a new journey began in Spain.

Andrea Marchig

Project Financing Consultant

Andrea is a Project Financing Consultant at Alien Technology Transfer. After his Master Degree in Diplomatic Sciences and International Relations at Trieste University he immediately started working in international contexts. His career started in the field of renewable energies working for a company active on Russian and European markets. In such context he gained experience in B2B relations, customer care, sales and promotion. In these years he had the chance to experience small enterprises struggles in a competitive field as renewable energies and dealt with many manufacturers and traders different requests and expectations. He believes that it’s essential for small and medium enterprises to be supported in their business and development by professionals who personally experienced the situations they deal with. Therefore he’s glad to provide the best support to companies willing to develop their innovative business projects through European Commission funding opportunities.

Angeline Lee

Project Financing Consultant

Born and raised in Singapore, Angeline holds a Bachelors degree in English with Business from The Open University, UK. With a keen interest in languages, Angeline is effectively bilingual in English & Chinese and has studied Japanese, Korean & German and is on her way to gaining fluency in Spanish after living in Spain the past 2 years.Angeline has 15 years of experience in the Travel & IT industries, starting from Market Manager in OTAs such as Travelocity, to Business Development Director in various IT companies including the IT research firm Forrester.Having worked in and with numerous multinational companies around the globe, Angeline now has a newfound passion for helping startups to bring their vision to fruition.

Andrew Cameron

Project Financing Consultant

Andrew was born in Australia and has lived and worked for the past 15 years in London, Perth, Amsterdam and Barcelona. It was during this time he studied a masters degree in international management with the University of Liverpool. Andrew pursued an Entrepreneur dream to focus on social impact projects and worked with a number of startups assisting them in their growth and sustainable development. Prior to this he worked for Laureate international Universities as a team leader within the academic advising department and in various roles in international business development and account management.Andrew joined AlienTT as he is looking to continue making a positive impact with innovative companies and assist them in their long term growth.

Cristian Ducu

Project Financing Consultant

Born in Romania, Cristian decided to leave his home country at the age of 19, to study in the UK, to gain international experience and to be faced with new challenges, to develop on a personal and professional level. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Business & Marketing at the University of Coventry. He spent his last 5 years in the UK, studying and working in various fields, gaining experience in customer service, sales and change management.Cristian is very passionate about helping companies reach their full potential and has now moved to join the company over in Las Palmas, to pursue his career goals and to make a positive impact on Alien Technology Transfer and its clients.A very focused and ambitious individual, he enjoys living an active lifestyle, playing different sports and travelling.

Project Managers

Davide Simonetti, PhD

Team Leader

Davide is a biomedical engineer with a strong motivation to learn. His main interest is to develop technological solutions for improving people’s quality of life. After a MSc with honours in Biomedical Engineering at “La Sapienza” University of Rome, he joined Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma (UCBM) where he took a PhD degree in Bioengineering with a thesis focused on the development of mechatronic solutions for rehabilitation and functional assistance of neurologically injured people. During his PhD he spent 6 months as a visiting fellow at ETH Zurich, one of the most important worldwide technological university, where he gained expertise in mechatronic design of wearable robots. After the PhD, Davide continued working in the research as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Rehabilitation Engineering.

Adrien Raucoules

Team Leader

Driven by efficiency, organization and an aptitude for learning, Adrien completed his undergraduate studies at The University of Tennessee in Mechanical Engineering with exchange experience at Politecnico di Torino. During his schooling, Adrien was able to get a broad range of hands on technical experience at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Army Research Laboratory in the areas of research and development, 3D printing, and project management. Having been born in Lyon, France and living in the southern United States, his desire to connect with internationally and scientifically inclined professionals lead him to a Project Manager position with Alien Technology Transfer in Rome, where he helps bring innovative ideas to life. Living an active and culturally diverse lifestyle is the key to his personal and professional development, where he strives to excel and minimize learning curves with whatever tasks are at hand.

Alice Gervasoni, PhD

Team Leader

Alice was born in Italy where she obtained her BSc and MSc in molecular biotechnology. Her dedication to research together with her passion for travels led her to move to Madrid and Barcelona, where she studied the potential of stem cells as therapeutic approach to Parkinson´s disease. In 2013, Alice decided to pursue a PhD in regenerative medicine at King´s College London (KCL). During her PhD, Alice specialized in the regeneration of auditory sensory cells after trauma and she identified a key epigenetic regulator involved in the process.

Giovanni Graziano

Project Manager

Being fascinated by scientific subjects and industrial technologies, Giovanni started his international BSc in Engineering Sciences at Tor Vergata University in Rome. After having successfully completed his BSc, he kept his career on an international mindset starting a joint Nordic master’s degree in Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering, between the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) of Stockholm in Sweden and Aalto University of Helsinki in Finland. In this period, he had the opportunity to work on various projects on the development of sustainable practices in the energy sector and to join several entrepreneurial and technology conferences that made his interest in innovative solutions grow. Thus, for his MSc Thesis, he worked on a H2020 project in collaboration with several stakeholders and research institutes. In this project, as well as throughout his degree, he has also developed excellent communication and team work skills by working with people from different ethnical and academic backgrounds.

Marco Abate

Project Manager

>Born and raised in Potenza in Italy, Marco completed a BSc in Economics and Business Administration, awarded by  the “Università degli Studi della Basilicata”, with a thesis on innovation in Italian firms. He then continued his studies by undertaking a MSc in “Strategic Project Management” attending three different Universities across Europe: Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh, Politecnico di Milano and lastly the Universitet of Umea (Sweden). He graduated with distinction and his master thesis was published by all three Universities.
Marco spent his last 2 years working as project manager for a public company, expanding his knowledge on direct and indirect funding programmes of the EU. He focused specifically on environmental sustainability and green energies. Among other things, he had the pleasure to work closely with Ferrari and Lamborghini on sustainability in means of transports.
He combines a sweet temper with a strong work ethic, deriving from years of training in basketball and martial arts.

Serena Perilli, PhD

Project Manager

Serena’s love for Life Sciences started during secondary school and it was sealed with an MSc degree with honours in Genetics and Molecular Biology at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Her passion for Research led her to pursue a PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology in Rome. During this time, Serena focused her studies on the genetic networks controlling the rate of cell differentiation and organ growth during plant development. She then moved to the Netherlands for a three-year post-Doc at Wageningen University, where she investigated the dynamics of stem cell behaviour in plant stem cell niches.

Beatrice Avagnina

Project Manager

>Beatriceis a Project Manager at Alien’s Las Palmas Office. She holds a Master’s in International Relations from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy). She previously worked for a Spanish SME specialized in smart, sustainable and inclusive strategies for territorial development, where she was in charge of developing and managing H2020 and Interreg Europe research projects. She also collaborated with the International Relations Office of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.Beatriceparticipated in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme as a would-be entrepreneur and, thanks to this experience, she decided she wanted to help SMEs and start-ups convert their innovative business ideas into successful realities. When possible, she goes travelling; she also likes books, arts and languages (Russian in the first place).

Raviteja Donepudi, PhD

Project Manager

Raviteja is a PhD in Quantitative and Computational Biology and has a Masters degree from University of Hyderabad. During graduate studies, he received training across disciplines encompassing Natural Sciences and basic Social Sciences. He received highly competitive and prestigious Kishore Vaigyanik Prothahan Yojna (KVPY) fellowship during graduation and CSIR & Shyama Prasad Mukherjee research fellowships during PhD. He has also been at various academic institutions across South Asia and Europe and participated in executing many collaborative research projects. Raviteja is deeply interested in technology evaluation, data driven discussion making and institution building. He is an ardent follower of innovative technologies in fields of construction, agriculture, transportation and healthcare. When not science-ing or tech-ing, he is usually researching on minimalist lifestyles and binge-watching medieval dramas.

Vidyadhari Mudigonda

Project Manager

Vidyadhari is a Project Manager at Alien’s Hyderabad Office. She holds a Masters degree in Systems Biology from University of Hyderabad, India and has worked as a Research Fellow in Computational Neuroscience at IISER-Pune, India. She has considerable experience in research and has carried out academic projects in various institutions. She now aims to leverage her experience to drive innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. In her spare time, she likes to read, swim and travel.

Jiggyasa Agrawal

Project Manager

I, Jiggyasa Agrawal, nick-named ‘Jiggy’ was born and raised in India. My passion for technology since childhood led me to pursue Information Technology Engineering in India.  During my software development job, I discovered my passion for business development. I realized that I could use my technical knowledge and communication skills to grow a business. Since then, I have been involved in the business development of IT startups in Ahmedabad, India. Eventually, leading me to earn the Masters’ degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Oslo, Norway. Since the Masters’, I have been involved in early-stage start-up community and fundraising initiatives in Norway. I love to read any fantasy novel I can find, and I love traveling to new countries with my husband. I also enjoy exploring different cultures, cuisines and has a keen interest in learning the history of different countries.

Anshul Sarin

Project Manager

Anshulfirmly believes that ideas change the world. Pursuing his passion for things on wheels, he completed his Bachelors in Mechanical and Automation Engineering from New Delhi, India. As part of his degree, he developed a revolutionary oven cum refrigeration system. Afterwards, he moved to Berlin, Germany to pursue his Masters in International Technology Transfer Management, in which he graduated top of the class. He gained expertise in various aspects of technology management such as Intellectual Property Rights, commercialization strategy among others. Following his interest, he started working with Alien Technology Transfer’s Hyderabad office where he assists in developing business concepts and writing project proposals. An ardent nature lover, you will find him dreaming about jungles when he is not helping in the development of the next successful startup.

Gerasimos Mantzaras

Project Manager

Born in Greece and being interested for the rising in public awareness topics of sustainability and environmental issues, Gerasimos obtained his M.Eng and M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering and Science from Democritus University of Thrace in Greece.During his M.Sc. his research was related with developing optimization models for hazardous healthcare waste transfer and had his research presented to an international audience, through conferences and a publication.Wanting to move professionally from research to the actual labour market, Gerasimos worked on a plethora of different sectors including the food industry, environmental consulting and project management. Feeling restricted with the boundaries of his home country and wanting to pursue an international career that would satisfy his interest to engage on different topics, he decided to move to Florence to enroll to an International Master in European Project Planning and Management.After his master he worked in the Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland as assistant European Project Manager on various projects funded by the European Commission.Gerasimos joined Alien Technology Transfer to satisfy his passion into bridging the gap between cutting-edge research ideas and the actual market needs.

Riccardo Reale, PhD

Project Manager

Riccardo is a curious engineer with a multidisciplinary background and a passion for R&D. He obtained a BSc in chemical engineering and a MSc with honors in nanotechnologies engineering from the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’. He then moved to Ireland where he worked on protein molecular dynamics at the University College Dublin. Successively, he moved to the UK for a PhD at the University of Southampton focusing on the development of a highly integrated organ-on-chip platform for personalized drug development. He continued developing lab-on-chip devices in his post-Doc at the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’, where he worked on multiparametric single-cell analysis using microfluidic impedance cytometry. He spends most of his free time travelling, gaming or trying new extreme sports.

Claudia Canzonetta

Project Manager

Claudia is a Chemist with a passion for Biology.After completing her master degree in Chemistry at the University of Rome La Sapienza she left Italy to join some of the most prestigious universities in UK. She spent two years at the Pharmacology department of Cambridge University and then enrolled at Imperial College London where she completed her PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology thus bringing together her two main interests, getting to know new people and their culture and discovering the hidden secrets that regulates biological systems.She strongly believes that progress and new discoveries come from the joined effort of a multidisciplinary team where different expertise work together for the same goal. She put her analytical skills and her drive for quantitative results into clinical research at the Bart’s and the London and Bambino Gesù hospitals with impressive results.Claudia thrives in a multicultural multidisciplinary environment, her goal here at AlienTT is to use her various skills to convert interesting scientific research into a successful and useful business.

Alana Valero

Project Manager

Alana identifies herself as ‘Third Culture’ having grown up and lived in several places.She has worked with a wide range of stakeholders in several multi-cultural environments across the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. She has extensive experience regarding Project Management, working previously in the EU Bubble in Brussels, especially in the areas of sustainability, eco-innovation, health and mobility.She’s a big fan of efficiency and new technology as well as conducting detailed and comprehensive research.  With a Bachelor and Master degree in Science and Management, she possesses a unique mix of knowledge and skills that allow her to be a keen problem solver.She loves watersports, hiking, lifting weights, the ocean and traveling.

Dipankar Sarmah

Project Manager

Dipankar is a Project Manager at Alien’s Hyderabad (India) Office.
He holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (India).
He was previously working at an Indian multi-national company’s Open Innovation platform, where he engaged with global talents such as startups, to develop innovative solutions to real world complex challenges faced by the company.
He has done various projects with reputed organizations and institutions with international clientele. He likes to do photography, endurance sport activities, event organizing in his spare time.

Pooja Yammanur

Project Manager

A true Hyderabadi, currently working in the Hyderabad office.She finished her Masters in Management from IE Business School after which she joined AlienTT. Prior to that, she worked with one of the biggest MNC’s to implement and managed an ERP account for an Agri industry client. An automobile engineer predominantly and automobile lover.Travelling is a way of life and a diehard Roger Federer fan.

Michael Lee

Project Manager

Michael was born in Malaysia. He grew up in the UK and completed his BSc in Forensic Science and MSc in Analytical Chemistry.From 2007 to 2008, he obtained a Marie Curie host fellowship for early stage research training in Barcelona.In 2013, he was awarded his PhD in Analytical Chemistry and Bioengineering at the University of Lyon1 and continued as a postdoctoral research fellow in the same laboratory until 2015. He then worked as a post-doc at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.Afterwards, he moved into industry and gained experience as a medical writer supporting global pharmaceutical companies based in southeast Asia. Michael has over 10 years of grant writing experience for both profit and non-profit organisations.During this time, he completed the writing of various grants based in Diagnostics, Biosensors, Biochips, Biotechnology, Biotoxicology, NanoBiotechnology, and Electronics. In doing so, Michael is excited to create business project proposals for clients as a member of AlienTT in Spain.