LightSpace Technologies SIA

ICT for Health

Founded in 2014 and based in Marupe (Latvia) with a subsidiary in Delaware (USA), LightSpace Technologies SIA is a European deep-tech start-up which builds state-of-the-art, user-friendly, disruptive and enabling technologies for multi-focal accommodating augmented reality (AR) headsets and future glasses free 3D image displays. Their flagship prototype NGEAR3D, a next-gen near-eye 3D image smart glasses which completely solves current pains of near-work application with vergence–accommodation conflict for true application of AR in the healthcare sector.

The NGEAR3D is compact, lightweight and wearable around the head and fits comfortably to both eyes (binocular vision). It is ideal for healthcare professionals who require 3D glasses for near eye imaging and can be safely used for long hours without discomfort to eyes and mind. Furthermore, the NGEAR3D provides enhanced image quality, depth perception, up to 72o field of view, eliminates the focal rivalry between real world and virtual content, eliminates vergence-accommodation conflict, provides realistic focus cues, can precisely align” holographic” virtual content to the real-world scene. It has no technological/computational accessories apart from the head-mounted display making it compact and easy to use.

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