We have formed alliances with world-class service and technology partners to provide our clients with trusted solutions to complex challenges. From product design to contract manufacturing, our network of partners is geared to support breakthrough technologies at every stage of development.

NLC Health Ventures

Build Ventures Advance health

NLC Health Venture identifies innovative inventions, carefully curates the most promising ones, and nurtures them into thriving healthtech ventures, all with the aim of advancing healthcare.

Tilia Impact Ventures

Tilia Impact Ventures is a startup fund that helps top-notch entrepreneurs who are tackling major social and environmental issues. With their new 30 million EUR fund, they’re supporting founders from the Czech Republic and the broader Central and Eastern European region to drive impactful change globally for the planet and society.

Inovačné centrum Košického kraja


The Regional Innovation Center of the Košice Region is a bridge between entrepreneurs and innovations in the region. Their main responsibility is to implement the regional innovation strategy and stimulate the further development of the innovation ecosystem. They focus on talent development in secondary schools, provide special acceleration programs for startups and help small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their international business potential. Their network of partners, institutions and scientific organizations provides unique advantages that make cooperation between individual innovation actors more effective. The Innovation Center is where innovations turn into new business opportunities.


HighTechXL is a pioneering organization dedicated to building deep-tech ventures that address and solve crucial societal challenges, with a strong focus on leveraging cutting- edge technologies in sustainability, healthcare, energy, mobility, and more. HighTechXL is at the forefront of innovation, aligning its efforts with the global drive for progress.

France Digitale

France Digitale is the leading startup organization in Europe. Created in 2012, following the Pigeon movement, the association represents more than 1,500 French digital entrepreneurs and investors.


FundingBox is Europe’s Largest Deep Tech Funding Ecosystems. They help startups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs ignite their growth and rewrite their future now through easy-to-apply funding opportunities and exclusive partnerships.

Circle of Sustainable Europe (CoSE)

CoSE is the leading NGO combining, connecting and creating environmental sustainability projects across Europe. CoSE supports cooperation between international and national initiatives aiming to address the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations.

Software development/ Indeep AI

Indeep AI is an IT company with bases both in Spain and India. Indeed AI focuses on cutting-edge software development and artificial intelligence-based projects, including the management and development of the grant writing platform Typewiser.

Communication & marketing/ Bosco e Futura

Bosco e Futura is an Italian creative studio working with top international advertising firms and production houses. The firm combines creative expertise and video production capabilities to provide clients with an all-in-one top quality service.

Intellectual Property management/ Luzzato & Luzzato

Luzzatto and Luzzatto is an Israeli patent attorneys firm combining five generations of family tradition in law, with a specialization on intellectual property management for entrepreneurs, inventors, and companies at the forefront of technology.

Website design/ Colouring Department

Unlike many web agencies that focus heavily on technical requirements, Colouring Department work to guide clients through the full brand and digital journey to deliver user focused, striking websites.

Kalms Consulting

Kalms Consulting provides expert and hands-on guidance for medical devices, diagnostics, biotech, health IT, pharmaceutical and other healthcare companies. Kalms Consulting boasts over 200 years of accumulated operational and strategic business experience in Europe. They offer strategic and operational support in the fields of market access, health economics, reimbursement, regulatory compliance and business development.

We are proud to partner with a wide network of companies that embrace innovation. The complete portfolio of organizations working with us also boasts a trusted network of private investors specialised in innovation.

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