Innovation Consulting

Alien’s exclusive consulting firm leads top-class innovators to success, with the financial support of public funding opportunities and strategic private investments.

We champion only impact-driven innovations, and support companies with concrete growth ambitions funding their product development.




Success rate in public fund-raising


Raised for the benefit of clients


We select impact-driven innovators and provide them with the resources to secure public and private funding, accelerating their business growth and contributing to their long-term sustainability


Pioneering technologies to crush evolutionary constraints

Our core values

  • Trust

    We are a purpose-driven business that holds trust as a core value in relationships with employees, clients and other stakeholders. By delegating tasks and responsibilities to our team members, decision-making becomes swift and more effective.

  • Ambition

    We are explorers, with an endless appetite for learning and challenges. We pursue growth and opportunities on all levels and fronts. Our passion for innovation and technology drives us to limitless endeavours.

  • Excellence

    Our determination to quality leads us to continuous improvements in every aspect of our business and approach. We are committed to providing high-quality performances and distinctive competencies.

  • Teamwork

    We approach every business relationship as a partnership to accomplish common goals and strategies. Our teamwork attitude and organisation enable us to take on opportunities and problems with a high level of diversity, creativity, and perspectives.

  • Determination

    We manage every aspect of our business with a determination to results and success. We forge determination and grit by training our brains to never give up, also when working under pressure.

  • Business intelligence

    We are a data-driven business that uses a set of metrics to both measure performance and guides business planning. We believe that the right combination of analytical and entrepreneurial skills drives profitable business actions.

  • Alienness

    We are innovators with diverse knowledge, competence and international experience. We embrace and value our cultural differences. This allows us to evaluate opportunities and problems from different angles.

We walk hand in hand with companies through their entire journey, ultimately guiding them in the direction of successful commercialisation of their products and business growth.

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