Five must-read newsletters on the Horizon Europe EIC Accelerator

In need of fresh resources and information on the EIC Accelerator? You can have them delivered directly to your inbox. Alien Technology Transfer European funding experts have compiled a list of 5 newsletters worth subscribing to if you are interested in deep tech and innovation funding in Europe. Subscribe and enjoy the read!  

The official European Innovation Council newsletter

A must-have to stay up to date with the EIC official news. The EIC issues a monthly newsletter covering the latest news, business opportunities, project stories and events relevant to the EIC Accelerator and the other funding schemes under the EIC umbrella: Pathfinder, Transition and the EIC Horizon Prizes.

Your National Contact Point (NCP)

NCPs are a reliable source of information just as much as the EIC itself. They work side by side with the EIC in Brussels and are always on top of what's going on in Horizon Europe. Plus, they are country-specific and can deliver you news on events and other opportunities in your mother tongue. Most of the NCPs publish a newsletter, such as this one by APRE, the Italian NCP. The complete list of NCPs can be found here.

Science | Business

Science | Business is one of the most influential magazines when it comes to news on the European Commission's Research & Innovation policy. Their newsletter, just like their Horizon Live Blog, is a trustworthy source of insights on what's cooking in Brussels and on tomorrow's Innovation and Research policies of the Union.

Sustain by Sifted

Backed by the Financial Times, Sifted digs into everything happening on the European startup and tech scene. Delivered on Thursdays, Sustain is Sifted’s newsletter covering the topics at the intersection between startups, innovation and the future of our planet. A good read if your innovation has to do with sustainability and you want to stay ahead of the Green Deal curve.

Benedict Evans

The EIC Accelerator invests in radical innovations and transformative technologies. With over 160,000 subscribers, Benedict’s Newsletter is one of the most followed newsletters covering exactly this field and in general the European tech scene. Every week, Evans picks out the changes and ideas you don’t want to miss in all the noise and give them context and analysis.

Published Date:05/13/2021