A fully-booked webinar on “Fundraising for SMEs and Start-ups under Horizon Europe”

Alien Technology Transfer is delighted to announce that “Fundraising for SMEs and Start-ups under Horizon Europe”’ webinar’s recording and presentation are now online. Contact Us for downloading. An overwhelming interest towards the new funding opportunities The webinar was held on Wednesday 16 of December by Alien Technology Transfer’s President Arianna Tibuzzi, who engaged the audience with the latest news and insights on the EIC Accelerator under Horizon Europe, the novel European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation debuting in January 2021. With 560 registrants, 300 attendees and over 130 questions posted, the online event demonstrated the enormous interest towards the upcoming public funding opportunities available to European innovators in 2021. The webinar offered a comprehensive overview of the key aspects to be considered when applying under the Horizon Europe EIC Accelerator, including the following topics:
  • Types of funding
  • Applicants
  • Application process
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Review process
  • Resubmission policy
  • Calls: top-down & bottom-up
  • Timeline
  The upcoming Horizon Europe EIC Accelerator With a budget totalling €7 billion over the next seven years, and its unique blend of grant and equity investments, the fully-fledged EIC Accelerator is expected to be the largest funding programme for innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) ever deployed by the European Commission. For-profit SMEs, including start-ups from any sector, can receive between €0.5 and €2.5 million in the form of grants, and an optional equity investment up to €15 million. The EIC Accelerator also provides coaching and mentoring to help businesses scale up and grow. The first two cut-offs of the new programme are scheduled for June the 9th, and October the 6th.    Assess how your project fits the EIC Accelerator During the webinar, Alien Technology Transfer’s President Arianna Tibuzzi has illustrated how to submit project ideas for a complimentary Funding Opportunity Assessment performed by the firm’s team of experts. The assessment will evaluate the project’s chances of success under the new scheme, identifying the optimal funding strategy.  For more information on the free Funding Opportunity Assessment and to download the recording and presentation of the webinar, please Contact Us.

Published Date:12/22/2020