New partnership announcement: CoSE and Alien Technology Transfer

Alien Technology Transfer is delighted to announce our partnership with the Circle of Sustainable Europe (CoSE), one of the leading European NGOs focused on creating a sustainable, entrepreneurial community.  Sharing the same mission and with a clear set of goals in common, CoSE and Alien Technology Transfer will strive to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovations make an impact at the EU and global level.    

About CoSE

CoSE is a Brussels-based, umbrella NGO connecting and creating environmental sustainability projects throughout Europe and beyond. The organisation's mission is to expand knowledge and awareness of today’s biggest climate change challenges. It does so by supporting cooperation between international and national initiatives on the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations.  

The AI4SDGs seminars

In collaboration with AI Governance International, CoSE recently launched the AI4SDGs initiative, a series of free webinars dedicated to recognizing Artificial Intelligence innovators contributing to one or more United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The online event sees the participation of outstanding AI innovators and sustainable development experts who present their projects and visions on the future of AI.  On March 3, the second AI4SDGs seminar saw the participation of Alien Technology Transfer's president Arianna Tibuzzi. Arianna joined the panel speaking about her unique experience in deep tech and public funding, and introducing the opportunities and challenges for AI innovators under Horizon Europe, the new European Commission’s research and innovation framework programme running from 2021-2027.  

Looking forward to new collaborative projects

Alien Technology Transfer supports hundreds of innovative companies developing technologies aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and geared towards a climate-neutral circular economy. Through the partnership with CoSE, we will expand our reach, grow our expertise in the field of SDGs and create new development opportunities for our portfolio of clients.  Alien Technology Transfer is committed to launching new partnership programs that are beneficial to our customers. Stay tuned for more information.

Published Date:03/16/2021