New partnership announcement: Alien Technology Transfer joins France Digitale

We are happy to announce that Alien Technology Transfer has joined France Digitale, one of the leading and most influential start-up organisations in Europe.

About France Digitale

Created in 2012 following the Pigeon Movement, France Digitale has grown into the largest tech community in France. Today, the organisation represents more than 1,500 digital companies including unicorns BlaBlaCar and Meetic, and investors such as Cap Horn and Idinvest Partners.

A booming start-up ecosystem

According to Sifted, in 2020 French start-ups raised $5.2 billion in venture capital funding, up nearly threefold since 2015. As the French tech sector is booming, the country is becoming the main catalyst for the digital revolution in the EU.   Over the last decade, France Digitale has been a key factor in the take-off of the French start-up ecosystem. Advocating for a favourable regulatory environment and easier access to funding opportunities, France Digitale has fostered the growth of numerous tech champions, a mission and ambition that Alien Technology Transfer shares and embraces.

About Alien Technology Transfer

Alien Technology Transfer is an international funding consulting firm driving impactful innovations forward through a seamless fusion of deep tech expertise and business strategy. Our team helps some of the boldest founders and companies to secure grants and equity investments to unfold their innovations. Alien Technology Transfer's portfolio of clients includes disruptors in the IT space such as Cypheme (France), Technologies of Voice Interface (Israel) and Kiutra (Germany). 

Working on tomorrow's strategic digital technologies

Joining France Digitale, Alien Technology Transfer becomes part of a network of organisations developing the EU’s industrial leadership in tomorrow’s digital technologies. An effort that the European Innovation Council is expected to boost, with the launch of new funding opportunities specifically for  “Strategic Digital and Health Technologies” Alien Technology Transfer’s European funding experts are already supporting tens of clients to navigate the new funding opportunities for European digital innovators. Contact us today to receive exclusive insights on the funding opportunities for digital companies and start your next fundraising journey.

Published Date:03/30/2021