Announcing Alien Technology Transfer new brand identity

Since the outset in 2013, Alien Technology Transfer has helped hundreds of companies attracting investments to develop cutting-edge innovation projects into sustainable business ventures. Success stories turning the Alien brand into an international reference for innovators and high-growth companies.

An ever-evolving organisation

Alien Technology Transfer has been one of the first European firms developing ad hoc funding consultancy services exclusively for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). In its eight years of operations, the firm has never stopped evolving, fine-tuning its portfolio of services and working side by side with the most visionary founders and entrepreneurs. A wealth of experience that, in 2017, allowed the firm's expansion in the USA, where today Alien Technology Transfer provides high profile consulting services to small North American businesses involved in high-impact innovation and research projects. Raising over $140 million for the benefit of top-class innovations projects in the EU and the USA, Alien Technology Transfer has emerged as a leading funding advisor and a trusted reference in the start-ups' ecosystem. A growth reflected in the evolution of the team, that today can count on a diverse and multinational pool of talents with expertise in every field of innovation: from healthcare to greentech, from energy to artificial intelligence.

New visuals for new ambitions

  [caption id="attachment_547" align="aligncenter" width="608"]Alien Technology Transfer new logo The new logo of Alien Technology Transfer[/caption]

Alien Technology Transfer is today unveiling the most impactful redesign of its brand identity to date. As the firm identifies itself as a unique and experienced partner for a selected portfolio of innovators, the new corporate image renders this vision with a minimalistic and elite design. The novel brand identity takes Alien Technology Transfer imagery one step further, drawing inspiration from natural and human landscapes channelling symmetry and vastness of visions. The new logo embodies the firm's vision in an iconic fashion. The arched red line becomes an edgy and disruptive element of the whole logo, crossing the entire word. It represents the cutting-edge innovators the company supports, the rise of novel technologies that will reshape the future and drive tomorrow's economic growth. The new corporate website provides clients, partners and team with a streamlined experience while channelling the corporate values and key strengths of the group clearly and elegantly. The website showcases the breadth and depth of the services offered through visionary imagery and improved navigation. Visitors can learn about Alien Technology Transfer browsing information tailored to their geography and service of interest. The News section provides insightful content on funding opportunities and high-impact innovation projects.

Partnering with international, award-winning, creatives

The new brand identity stems from the collaboration of award-winning Creative Director Laura Sordi and London-based Designer Zé Paz. The new corporate website has been designed and developed by the Dublin-based firm Colouring Department. As a leading innovation consulting firm working only with top-class entrepreneurs, the new brand identity aims at marking Alien Technology Transfer's excellence and leadership for the years to come. Making Alien's approach to innovation consulting even more recognisable and unique. If you are an innovation leader, the new website is designed to be your home. Connect now with Alien Technology Transfer on LinkedIn to be part of this community of innovators.

Published Date:02/26/2021