Alien’s Partnership with HTXL: Revolutionizing Deep Tech Ventures for Societal Impact

In a world grappling with complex challenges, the need for innovative solutions has never been greater. HighTechXL (HTXL), an organization based in the Netherlands, has taken a remarkable approach to address these challenges by organizing a unique deep tech venture-building program. By integrating well-protected advanced technologies with entrepreneurship, HTXL aims to create novel startup companies that tackle pressing societal issues. In pursuit of their ambitious goals, HTXL has formed a valuable partnership with the innovation consulting firm Alien, renowned for leading top-class innovators to success. We offer comprehensive support to high-impact innovations, equipping them with the necessary tools and opportunities to secure both public and private funding. By accelerating their business growth, we aim to foster long-term sustainability and help them thrive in the highly competitive market.

HTXL Deep Tech Ventures and the HTXL Ecosystem

HTXL's deep tech venture-building program brings together multiple talented individuals with diverse backgrounds. These individuals pool their knowledge and experiences to develop deep tech-based solutions in areas such as Climate, Energy, Healthcare, Safety, Data/Telecom and Agri/Food. With a focus on societal challenges, HTXL aspires to make a significant impact on a global scale.

Throughout the program, HTXL mobilizes the unique skills and extensive networks of its ecosystem. This global ecosystem plays a pivotal role in supporting HTXL Deep Tech Ventures by forging partnerships, testing technologies, building prototypes and securing funding. It serves as a vibrant and collaborative space where ideas flourish and transformative technologies are nurtured.

Alien and HTXL Partnership: Driving high-impact innovations to success

Alien’s partnersh8p with HTXL brings invaluable expertise to the table. With a decade of experience in innovation consultancy, Alien has carved a niche for itself as an expert in guiding innovators toward success. 

The partnership between Alien and HTXL represents a fusion of expertise, resources and networks. By combining HTXL's deep tech focus and global ecosystem with Alien's proven track record in acquiring funding for innovation startups, the collaboration is poised to revolutionize the Deep Tech venture landscape.

One of the notable successes resulting from the partnership between Alien and HTXL is the journey of inPhocal, a deep tech venture, which has created an innovative system that seamlessly integrates with laser marking systems, offering a remarkable boost to the focus range of the original laser beam and amplifying it by an unprecedented factor of up to 400 times. 

By incorporating inPhocal’s technology into laser marking machines, users can benefit from elevated marking resolution, increased production rate and the ability to print on curved surfaces with ease.

With the guidance of Alien, inPhocal was able to secure a significant grant to fuel its groundbreaking work.

Alien's deep expertise was instrumental in securing public funding opportunities and private investments for inPhocal. Alien's consulting team meticulously crafted a compelling grant proposal and navigated the complex landscape of funding options. Through their strategic guidance, inPhocal successfully obtained the grant, providing the necessary financial boost to advance their technology and accelerate their path to market.

The partnership between Alien and HTXL represents a powerful synergy between deep tech expertise and innovation consultancy. By nurturing the development of cutting-edge technologies and facilitating access to funding, Alien and HTXL are paving the way for a future where deep tech solutions play a central role in shaping a better world.


Published Date:06/27/2023