Alien Technology Transfer Group announces acquisition of Eagle & Chevalier Venture Studio

Rome - Today, 7 June 2022, Fabio Manzi and Alessandro Rufo, founders of the Alien Technology Transfer Group, announce the acquisition of the Venture Studio Eagle & Chevalier, which officially starts to complement the activity of its already established Innovation Consulting. 

Alien Technology Transfer was founded in 2013 in London, kicking off its business as an independent public funding advisory specialised in project financing, project management, concept development and business models for groundbreaking projects. After nearly a decade of experience in the public and private funding industry, Alien complements its operations by incorporating a Venture Studio business line that designs, funds, and launches innovative companies through the timely transformation of high-potential concepts into profitable ventures. The Alien Venture Studio process is designed to walk hand in hand with visionary teams throughout their journey from product idea generation and startup incorporation to seed and early funding rounds, guiding them in the direction of successful product commercialisation and exit. 

From the outset in 2013, Alien has raised over $290 million for the benefit of deep tech companies in the EU and the USA, establishing itself as a trusted reference in the innovation funding ecosystem and specialising in Europe’s most ambitious innovation funding programme, the EIC Accelerator, dedicated to EU-based companies, as well as the SBIR/STTR  program for US small businesses.

On the acquisition and merger of the Venture Studio with the Innovation Consulting, Alien co-founder Fabio Manzi, commented: 

<< With Eagle & Chevalier Venture Studio, Alien brings home an amazing team of entrepreneurs, investors, managers and scientists. The long awaited upgrade of the Alien Technology Transfer Group will result in an increased value and experience to be delivered to the entire European and American startup ecosystem. >>

Alessandro Rufo, Alien co-founder, highlights that: 

<< The Eagle & Chevalier Venture Studio acquisition represents the cornerstone that joins the startup's business planning and funding expertise with the technology transfer process qualifying Aliens as breakthrough innovators in Artificial Intelligence applied to natural sciences. >>


PR Contact:

Giulia Busolin, Communications Specialist |

Published Date:06/07/2022