Alien Code of Conduct

This document functions as the cornerstone of our organisational Code of Conduct, meticulously outlining the fundamental principles that uphold our behaviour and engagements. Its primary role is to offer a complete framework that oversees the entire range of our actions and interactions with clients and relevant stakeholders, cultivating an atmosphere of ethical excellence and seamless collaboration.

The EIC Board revealed a comprehensive Code of Conduct designed for consultants offering services to EIC applicants. Our organisation contributed with its long-lasting experience to give feedback to the EIC officers to define the code

We at Alien Technology Transfer, fully embrace this code, recognizing the paramount importance the EIC Board places on transparency, professionalism, and ethical practices within the innovation consultancy industry. We have consistently persisted in taking impactful efforts to align with the best practices for our clients, and have excelled and distinguished ourselves in the field. At Alien we believe in creating an atmosphere of trust and accountability in all our interactions. 


Alien Technology Transfer Code of Conduct:

Know-how, experience, and competencies 

We at Alien Technology Transfer, use our network, skills, expertise and work capacity to the best of our ability. Our decade-long expertise in the EIC Accelerator and its precursor, the SME Instrument, has been cultivated by a dedicated team of approximately 100 experts in the funding industry. At Alien, our service delivery necessitates ongoing updates due to the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the EIC innovation process. 

We conduct regular updates in Brussels and maintain constant communication with stakeholders across both Brussels and all EU countries. We commit to staying up-to-date with official requirements by regularly consulting materials from the European Commission and other European entities. Additionally, we will actively take part in workshops related to Calls/Tenders provided by the European Commission, for which we offer consultancy services.



We are committed to upholding high ethical standards in our professional work, prioritising the Client's interests, and avoiding any conflicts of interest.

Confidential information provided by one Client will not be utilised to benefit another Client.

Under no circumstances do we present ourselves falsely through the use of titles, symbols, or logos (e.g., EIC) to lend unauthorised authority or mislead the Client.

Prior to accepting an assignment, we inform potential Clients about the necessary documents and data required for preparing and submitting a Call/Tender application. These could include a Business Plan, CVs, a 3-minute application video, and more. All the necessary documents are stated in our agreement.

Aliens do not serve as evaluators or jury members for funding calls. As a result, we do not possess any conflicts of interest with the clients or with the funding bodies.



We take proactive measures to guarantee that no conflicts of interest arise which could compromise the best interests of our clients Our comprehensive approach involves rigorous internal checks, transparent decision-making processes, and ongoing assessments to identify and address any potential conflicts with other Clients or other stakeholders involved in the same sector, in order to promote a long-term relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

We provide the Client with information about the official webpage where the Call/Tender is published. This enables the Client to verify the details provided by Alien. 

This is the link to the EIC portal, where applications are submitted.

We inform our clients about the existence of the National Contact Points, which can be selected by visiting this link and choosing the country of origin of the company.

The Client will retain access to all accounts related to their application

We predominantly work with internal team members, all of whom are dedicated full-time employees of the ATT group. In exceedingly rare scenarios, we may engage freelancers, and in such situations, we will promptly notify the Client. It's important to emphasise that our selection of freelancers is a meticulous process, and they undergo thorough training to meet Alien's stringent quality standards. As Alien is an international organisation, the client will be assigned to a project manager of one of the Alien Group’s  firms.

The European success rate of relevant calls and other related information is regularly disclosed on this platform by Alien. The EIC shares any publicly available information here. This collaborative effort ensures that both successful call outcomes and important details are accessible in one place.



Alien  maintains the confidentiality of all relevant  information related to the Client's business, staff, projects, innovation activities, technology, products, services, and any other sensitive information.  We highly value and prioritise the confidentiality of our clients, fully understanding the importance of protecting sensitive, technical and market-related information.



Before commencing any task, we outline in written form the project's scope, extent, and the approach we intend to adopt. This will be done while taking into account the input and preferences of the Client to shape our proposal development.

In cases where we deem it necessary to enlist the aid of an external party not affiliated with us for the execution of the Client's project, we communicate to the Client which segments will be subcontracted. This communication is followed by obtaining the Client's consent through written agreement or formal acknowledgement.

We uphold rigorous quality control procedures throughout the entirety of the assignment. 

To ensure consistent adherence to our quality standards across the organisation, we conduct comprehensive and frequent training sessions. This approach underscores our commitment to maintaining high-quality performance throughout the company.

We ensure transparent communication of the milestones that need to be reached throughout the application process. Prior to commencing the work, we provide the client with a timeline, enabling them to comprehensively grasp the initial tasks of our collaboration. Additionally, we set up regular review sessions and share interim accomplishments, guaranteeing that the client remains well-informed about the ongoing advancements.



Alien and the Client mutually agree on the contract terms.

We don't require intellectual property rights (IPR) or ownership stakes in the company as prerequisites for a successful EIC Accelerator application. Our fee structure is transparent and explicitly detailed in the contractual agreement we establish with our clients. 

Furthermore, we are committed to providing comprehensive support, which includes integrating Project Management services. This ensures that we assist our clients throughout the entire process until they receive the final disbursement from the EIC.