X-trodes Ltd

X-trodes aims to replace costly and limited overnight sleep monitoring with a home-based solution.

Industry: Health

Country: Israel

Website: https://xtrodes.com/

Sleep disorders affect approximately one-third of the global population, spanning different age groups and posing a significant public health epidemic. However, these disorders often go unrecognized and unreported, despite their potential contribution to other medical problems and underlying mental health issues.

Improved sleep monitoring is crucial for accurate diagnosis and management of these disorders. Currently, overnight Polysomnography (PSG) is the standard method, but its limitations, including high cost and artificial sleep environment, hinder its clinical effectiveness. Smart Skin technology offers an accessible and home-based alternative to PSG, allowing for monitoring treatment efficacy. With EIC’s funding X-trodes will optimize their platform, complete essential clinical validation, obtain the CE Mark, and begin commercialization in Europe.