Vivan Therapeutics

AI based Personal Discovery Platform which can mimic the genetic complexity at a level never achieved in a clinical setting. 

Industry: Health

Country: United Kingdom


Current standard care for cancer treatment after surgery typically includes chemotherapy, targeted therapies, & immunotherapies. However, these combined therapies are effective for a limited number of patients, failing in >75% cases and causing many side effects. The treatments damage healthy tissues & organs; eventually reducing the survival rates of patients. Moreover, there is a lack of understanding on how oncogenic mutations interact in each cancer case. This means that oncologists cannot predict
which drugs will work for patients, creating an unmet need for a tool to determine the best mixture of drugs for individuals to fight with different interacting mutations.


Vivan Therapeutics has developed Personalised Discovery Process (PDP), that device and personalize cancer therapies in a way that attacks on multiple fronts, by using fruit flies (Drosophila) avatars engineered to express the patient specific tumorigenic genetic alterations in the last portion of their gut. These avatars, develop a lethal colorectal tumour genetically similar to that of the patient, & used to screen libraries of >1,900 drugs for combinations that rescue avatars from lethality. This approach identifies fully personalised treatments but is slow & costly. To increase the speed and reduce costs Vival Therapeutics is now developing AI-PDP, an AI driven matching solution to deliver tailored solutions based on the patients’ tumor genome sequence to suggest the optimum combination of drugs for treatment. The company aims to transform it into a mainstream cancer diagnosis and treatment technology by replacing animal modelling with a data-driven process (AI-PDP), that will match patient tumour profiles from WES analysis with drug combinations identified by avatar-based drug screening. 


Using the proprietary screening data, the company is building a powerful AI-driven digital health tool, which can predict effective treatment options rapidly. Vivan Therapeutics has a vision to demonstrate a world-first cancer modelling technology.