Vivacelle Bio

Nitric Oxide redistribution by a phospholipid nanoparticle colloid to treat septic shock.

Industry: BioHealth

Country: USA


Septic shock continues to be a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The increasing bacterial antibiotic resistance is forcing the search for new methods to improve prognosis. Traditional resuscitation therapy is not designed to address the physiological mechanisms of septic shock that contribute to hypotension and organ failure. The inflammatory response is a limiting factor even with interventions such as renal replacement therapy and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. 

Vivacelle Bio has patented VBI-1, a novel anti-inflammatory suspension of phospholipid nanoparticles designed to modulate the bioavailability of nitric oxide (NO) responsible for excessive vasodilatation, hypotension, or dangerous reperfusion injury that leads to organ failure in septic shock. VBI-1 represents a novel approach to the modulation of NO that reduces its bioavailability without stopping its production or its autocrine or paracrine effects. Through its NO uptake and release, VBI-1 acts as a high-capacity NO modulator.

At the same time, VBI-1 can carry oxygen and enable oxygen transport during resuscitation therapy. VBI-1 also inhibits the inflammatory response, reducing ischemia-reperfusion injury and organ dysfunction. Also, the small nanoparticle size and high emulsifier content of VBI-1 guarantee longer stability and higher efficacy in raising blood pressure when compared to currently used resuscitation fluids. Finally, VBI-1 is based on non-allergic soybean-oil micelles and liposomes comprised of phospholipid bilayers which make the new formulation highly biocompatible.