Cutting edge microwave imaging device for safe and accurate breast cancer screening

Industry: ICT for Health

Country: Italy

Website: http://www.ubt-tech.com/

Breast cancer is a global challenge: the most common cancer in females and the first cause of death worldwide for women in all age groups. Regular screening is of paramount important for early diagnosis to increase the outcome of a cure.

Currently, mass breast cancer screening is performed through mammography, with many limitations. Being based on ionizing radiation (X-rays), it is not recommended for women under 50 years. While the risk of developing breast cancer is high under 40, the risk associated with an annual mammography is even higher. A mammography should not be performed more than once every 2 years, and is not allowed for pregnant women, in particular in the first quarter, since it is dangerous for the foetus.

A mammogram results in exposure of approximately 1 rad (radiation absorbed dose) about 1,000 times greater than that from a chest X-ray exam, increasing breast cancer risk by about 10% for each breast over a decade’s screening. Breast screening is also very painful, and inaccurate, missing around 15% of cancers.

MammoWave is a unique breast imaging device enabling fast, highly sensitive and accurate breast imaging for early detection of breast cancer, without using ionizing radiation.

Based on safe non-ionizing microwaves, it can be used without risks in any patient conditions and is comfortable for patients because it does not require breast crushing. Therefore Mammowave can be used for massive breast cancer screening for any woman.

MammoWave costs 40% less than a mammography device, with 50% lower operational costs. MammoWave is not operator-dependent, and highly reliable results are obtained without specialized operators. It decreases the number of false negatives (undetected cancer), and false positive results, therefore reducing the associated trauma and healthcare costs.