Technologies of Voice Interface

Speech recognition technology to enable people with speech disabilities to communicate freely

Industry: ICT for Health

Country: Israel


Over 100 million people globally suffer from some form of speech disability. Communicating on a daily basis is not an option and individuals struggle to perform daily activities and often feel isolated from society. Voiceitt is developing an innovative software application, Talkitt, which converts inaudible sounds into speech enabling speech disabled people to communicate with their own voice. Existing technologies are limited to bulky, awkward “devices” such as communication boards and head and eye trackers. These are subject to interpretation by family, friends and care givers. The Talkitt app can ease this problem and enable both mildly and severely speech disabled children to speak again. Within the overall project, Voiceitt intends to complete software engineering for continuous speech recognition; scale-up the application for use with all smart devices and perform a large scale validation through multi-country trials with individuals and disability associations.