Sustainable rubber for the environment

Industry: Manufacturing

Country: Sweden


Current rubber sources are unsustainable. Existing rubber products are derived from natural rubber from the rubber tree. The problem with the source of this rubber is deforestation of tropical rainforest and competition with food production. Rubber plantations are threatened by climate change and are vulnerable to disease and environmental hazards. Almost the entire global supply of natural rubber – some 11 million tonnes in 2015 – comes from Southeast Asia.


Scientists at Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens estimated that more than 50% of plantations in the region might not be sustainable. The second source of rubber is synthetic fossil-fuel based rubber. It is mixed with strong chemicals during production.


NORDIC BIO-RUBBERTM facilitates the transition of fossil-centred industry of today to a sustainable bio economy. Indeed, it allows us to build a Europe based supply chain, decreasing dependencies on Asia for the production of consumer goods. Ultimately, this translates to a more robust economy.