Reliefed Technologies

3D tab cooled Battery pack solution based on an innovative 3D extrusion manufacturing process to better manage thermal regulation of EV batteries

Industry: Clean Tech

Country: Sweden


The main requirements for any Electric Vehicle (EV) battery are performance, safety, sustainability, and financial viability. Significant deviations from ambient conditions can lead to reduced performance, accelerated degradation and thermal runaway. Thermal management systems are crucial to lower degradation rates for the lithium-ion cells in operation, and therefore to increase battery pack lifetime. Surface cooling approach for thermal management dominates the EV market, yet published research suggests lithium-ion cell lifetime can be tripled if tab cooling is effectively implemented in the battery pack design.


Reliefed has developed z.trusion® a disruptive manufacturing technology that allows, for the first time, to produce tab cooled battery packs, delivering higher charging rates and lower costs while increasing lifetime and safety. To commercialise such a disruptive technology, Reliefed will have the EIC help to finish optimising and validating the tab cooled battery pack.