Optimizing wood-based, biodegradable packaging for diverse industries

Industry: Sustainability

Country: USA

Website: https://raiku.co/

Annually, the world generates more than 400 million tonnes of plastic waste, with plastic packaging waste comprising approximately 46% of this total. This waste accumulates in landfills, waste dumps, and, regrettably, finds its way into our oceans and waterways, posing a significant threat to our ecosystems. This urgent situation underscores the imperative need for sustainable alternatives to plastic usage on a global scale.


RAIKU, a company that has developed a pioneering cleantech manufacturing technology to produce innovative eco-friendly packaging solutions as an alternative to traditional bubble wrap in the packaging industry. This groundbreaking process relies on a single raw material—wood—eliminating the use of chemicals and ensuring a compostable end-of-life for the materials. Remarkably, RAIKU’s novel material requires only a fraction of the wood compared to the paper and cardboard industry, thereby significantly mitigating deforestation, conserving energy, and reducing water consumption while delivering a high-value product.


RAIKU is well-positioned to drive a transformative shift in the packaging market, facilitating manufacturers’ transition to a circular economy model and actively contributing to the achievement of the EU and UN Green goals.