A unique multi-layer deposition process for optimised production of the next generation of Liion batteries.

Industry: Energy

Country: Finland

Website: https://www.pulsedeon.com/

Despite being an ideal solution to the global challenge of tackling the effects of transport emissions, Electric Vehicles (EVs) have not yet achieved significant mass market penetration. This is mostly because the development in the EV battery industry has been rather incremental, without revolutionary breakthrough since 1991. LiBs represent the gold

standard in the industry; however, they suffer from many issues which are detrimental to the widespread adoption of EVs. These are mainly related to insufficient performance, in terms of size, energy density and safety, expensive and rigid production while existing deposition methods have low production rate, thus affecting the overall supply for EVs.

Pulsedeon developed Coldab, a coating technology leveraging Ultra-Short Pulsed Laser Deposition (USPLD), that can optimize production of LiB & its components on a large scale. Coldab’s unique USPLD process allows cost-effective manufacturing of a new class of safer, smart tailored, high-performance EV batteries. Pulsedeon favours the competitiveness of European battery manufacturers by offering a cutting-edge manufacturing process and promotes a clean environment. To increase the EV’s affordability & improve their performance, Coldab brings battery manufacturing to a new level of scalability, at the same time preserving performance by increasing the battery’s energy density and safety.