A breakthrough high resolution, real-time, industrial molecular analyser for advanced process control and energy optimization

Industry: Energy

Country: Israel

Website: http://www.optiqgain.com/

Existing industrial process analysis procedures demand large quantities of energy and expensive resources as a result of ineffective and insensitive equipment. optiQGain analysed the existing Scattered Raman Specroscopy (SRS) technologies in the fields of academia and research. As a result, they decided to create the SRSensor. It consists on a break-through, real-time, lightweight, cost effective, IoT based, on-site system for high resolution commercial molecular level analysis.


The SRSensor includes of a range of probes and a main CPU unit. It also utilises a SRS spectrophotometer which produces a high resolution Raman spectrum in 0.1 seconds. The data is then transferred via fiber optic cables to the main CPU for data processing and presentation to the engineer or process manager. The highly accurate molecular analysis results can be applied in a vast range of process analysis fields to optimise industrial processes. This offers high resource efficiency, and huge cost savings resulting from lower maintenance costs. Untimately, it offers a potential avoidance of unexpected engine, turbine, and generator failure.


optiQgain will initially target Natural Gas and Biogas processing plants, turbines and gas transporting grid (pipelines). Here, industry demand and potential savings are substantial. Indeed, many players in this industry are actively seeking new innovative technologies for sustainable success, as part of the intensively evolving Industrial I.o.T revolution.


Within the overall innovation project, optiQgain aims to:

  1. Upgrade subcomponents of the sensor and finalise the industrial design of the SRSensor system for improved accuracy.
  2. Transfer the production to a secured third party contract manufacture.
  3. Optimise the process for adoption in Natural Gas and Biogas plants and gas turbines and pipelines.
  4. Perform a quality demonstration and validation of the SRS technology at different site locations and develop a sound commercialisation and market strategy.