Disruptive Communication System based on LiFi technology for Spacecrafts and Aerospace Infrastructure

Industry: Space

Country: France

Website: https://www.oledcomm.net/

Over the next decade, the space industry expects to launch 50,000 satellites in orbit. However, the long-term success of this plan requires substantial cost reductions, explicitly to weight and material costs of satellites. Wired (coppered) signal harnesses are used for data transmission on communication buses within the satellite and account for up to 10% of the total dry mass of a satellite. The high weight, density and complexity of the satellite harnesses represent a substantial pain for manufacturers and an opportunity for innovation and market disruption.


Oledcomm has developed SATELLIFE, the first LiFi (light fidelity)-based wireless connection technology which utilizes light to transmit data. Based on feasibility studies with project partners in the space industry, Oledcomm adapted their core LiFi technology and developed SATELLIFE. Replacing cables in a spacecraft with SATELLIFE allows a huge weight reduction and cost reduction.