Ocean Visuals

Hyper-Spectral Laser Induced Fluorescence LiDAR to detect Submerged Oil over Water 

Industry: Climate

Country: Norway

Website: https://www.oceanvisuals.no/

The focus of Ocean Visuals’ initiative lies in the development and deployment of the Oil-in-Water Locator (OWL), an advanced solution aimed at tackling the intricate challenges associated with monitoring and safeguarding coastal underwater environments. Through the utilization of cutting-edge Hyperspectral Laser Induced Fluorescence (HLIF) LiDAR sensors, OWL is capable of identifying, categorizing, and measuring oil spills and chemical pollution, both on the water surface and submerged beneath. This groundbreaking technology enables real-time, precise, and thorough surveillance, fundamentally transforming our capacity to safeguard and manage underwater ecosystems, minimize environmental harm, and ensure the security of coastal areas.