Oak Therapeutics

Oral Dissolvable Strips (ODS)  pediatric and adult delivery mode of therapy for latent tuberculosis 

Industry: Health

Country: USA

Website: https://www.oaktherapeutics.com/

Tuberculosis (TB) remains a significant cause of mortality from infectious diseases globally. In 2021, approximately 6.4 million received new TB diagnoses worldwide, with roughly 10.6 million falling ill and 1.4 million succumbing to the disease. Of these fatalities, 54% were male, 32% female, and 14% children under 15. TB also stands as a leading cause of death among HIV-infected individuals, claiming 187,000 lives in 2021 (WHO, 2022). Additionally, diverted resources for COVID-19 have led to a recent uptick in TB cases. Addressing this, Oak Therapeutics is pioneering a solution—using their technology to deliver TB medications through Oral Dispersing Strips (ODS). This approach aims to overcome limitations of traditional administration methods, crucial for infants and children. The proposal involves using Oak Therapeutics’ technology to create fixed doses of Isoniazid Rifapentine (INH-RPT) multi-drug ODS for both pediatric and adult patients, simplifying therapy administration and improving privacy for successful latent TB treatment. The first phase, Aim 1, focuses on developing Rifapentine RPT-ODS, a significant advancement in TB treatment.