The first headband for home-use that enables closed-loop acoustic stimulation of EEG Slow Oscillations during sleep to improve memory

Industry: Health

Country: USA


The ability to store, maintain, and retrieve memories is indispensable for all human endeavors, from childhood to old age, and is critical to maintaining well-being, productivity in career and personal life. Consolidation of hippocampal-dependent declarative memory is orchestrated in part by slow waves or slow oscillations (SOs), which are slow (less than 1 Hz), high amplitude (80 µV or greater) EEG oscillations that are produced during the deepest levels of sleep. Enhancement of these SOs through audio stimulation has shown to improve memory in a number of studies. However, technological challenges have prevented the translation of this lab-proven method to the community for home use.


NeuroGeneces will develop Memorise, a low-costwearable device to improve memory performance during sleep. The key innovation of the product will be Machine Learning algorithms that personalize the enhancement of SOs. It consists of a high- and individually-tailored quality memory enhancement which reduces potential harm to consumers from side effects of nootropics and prescription drugs. Memorise also allows the translation of lab benefits into at-home, widespread use. Successfully translating lab-proven technology to improve memory via audio stimulation into a comfortable and easy-to-use wearable sleep headband will provide the first scientifically proven effective and safe product to the memory enhancement consumer market.