An AI-focused Server-on-Chip solution designed to meet the growing demands of complex and scalable AI inference applications, facilitating the deployment of real-world AI applications at an unprecedented scale.

Industry: Engineering and technology

Country: Israel


The primary hurdle in deploying scalable AI is the inadequacy of the current AI inference architecture, which struggles to handle hyperscale computations due to complex deployment processes and high total cost of ownership. To unlock the full potential of AI applications, a new computing architecture is necessary.


NeuReality has addressed this need by creating NR1, a revolutionary Server-on-a-Chip solution with an AI Centric architecture, along with the NR1 SDK, which streamlines the deployment of AI at scale. This innovative architecture enables the development of AI-optimized, simplified, and accessible infrastructure, empowering organizations to optimize costs, power consumption, and performance when accessing AI computing resources. By facilitating the deployment of AI inference, NeuReality’s solution holds the potential to revolutionize the AI landscape. As part of the EIC project, NeuReality will finalize the development of NR1 and validate its optimized chip in operational settings, paving the way for future commercialization.