Nemesis Bioscience

Inactivation of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes in an animal gut microbiome and prevention of horizontal AMR gene transmission

Industry: BioTech

Country: United Kingdom


On any given day, in the European Union there are some 98,000 patients suffering with hospital-acquired infections – in long-term care facilities this number is 124,000. Most worryingly, more than 30% of these infections are resistant to multiple antibiotics.


Nemesis Bioscience is an early-stage biopharmaceutical company developing Transmids©, DNA therapeutics administered before or with antibiotics to inactivate resistance in bacterial pathogens. Our solution, Transmids, are novel DNA constructs that do not kill bacteria directly so do not select for resistance but do restore sensitivity to antibiotics. Transmids inactivate target resistance genes and prevent bacteria from receiving resistance genes from other bacteria. Moreover, Transmids can be used against all bacteria, all known resistance mechanisms and for all antibiotic classes, making it a revolutionary step in the treatment of hospital-acquired infections and antibiotic resistance.