NC Biomatrix

A novel non-invasive therapy based on injectable viscous gel for restoring the natural biomechanics of the spine and relieving patients from pain

Industry: BioHealth

Country: The Netherlands


Over 400 million people globally suffer from back pain. Disc degeneration disease is the prevalent cause of back pain and it is responsible for high social and economic costs. Current treatments are only symptomatic (physiotherapy, pain management or surgery), but they do not regenerate the disc and its function.


NC Biomatrix has developed VitaDisc, the first non-invasive early restorative treatment for disc degeneration that has the power to revolutionise the orthopaedics market. It is an acellular porcine-derived injectable biomatrix that restores disc height, provides optimal support to regenerate the disc, and aids in restoring healthy spinal biomechanics. Its mode of action is fully mechanical, and it can be easily administered in an outpatient setting, giving it a unique market advantage. 


The company’s biomatrix platform technology is readily scalable and provides a pipeline of further products for unmet needs in orthopaedic treatments, such as early-stage knee joint arthritis.