N8 Medical

Bioresorbable polymeric envelope that stabilizes the implanted pacemaker reducing the risk of CIED infections

Industry: BioHealth

Country: USA

Website: https://www.n8medical.com/

Infections related to the implantation of cardiovascular implantable electronic devices or CIEDs occur at high frequency (up to ca. 20% of the interventions) and are associated with a 2-fold increase in mortality rate. A solution that delivers a potent anti-infective locally that can eradicate resistant bacterial strains, fungal species, and is efficacious against biofilms is currently missing.


N8 Medical is developing a bioresorbable polymeric envelope, that stabilizes the implanted pacemaker and eliminates a broad spectrum of pathogens (including resistant bacteria and fungi) causing CIED infections, through the application of ceragenins, a novel class of anti-infectives designed to mimic naturally occurring antimicrobial peptides.