Development of an efficient and robust wireless inductive charging system for material handling electric vehicles

Industry: Infrastructure

Country: Germany


In the EU, transportation of goods generates about 28% of total C02-emissions and consumes 37.5% of total EU energy production. Current Intra logistics systems Include Internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, plug-In hybrid electric vehicles and EVs. However, the incorporation of charging infrastructure for EVs in logistics comes with cost and challenges. Within this context, the MagCharge is a unique solution that offers a combination of inductive wireless charging technology with the robustness of concrete, which is vital for industrial applications.


The MagCharge core element is the MagPad, a wireless power transmitter pad made using Magment’s patented magnetizable concrete material, which consists of a coil for extremely efficient inductive transmission. The MagPad is also perfectly suitable for inductive charging roads as it works with any cover layer (both concrete and asphalt).