LUBIS EDA’s software revolutionizes chip development with guaranteed reliability, speed, and a mathematically proven 0% chance of errors.

Industry: Engineering and technology

Country: Germany


LUBIS EDA is revolutionizing the semiconductor industry by developing software that ensures reliable and error-free chip development. Undetected defects in the development process can lead to significant losses for manufacturers, affecting every unit produced. LUBIS EDA’s automated design and verification procedure not only maximizes cost-effectiveness and speeds up time-to-market but also guarantees a mathematically proven 0% chance of errors, ensuring safe and reliable chip development.


Operating in a lagging EU semiconductor market, LUBIS EDA aims to optimize its software and make it accessible to a broader audience through a licensing-based business model. This innovative solution promises to revolutionize chip development, providing semiconductor developers with enhanced efficiency, minimized risks, and increased profitability. With LUBIS EDA’s software, the future of the semiconductor industry holds the potential for reliable and efficient chip production, benefiting both manufacturers and the market as a whole.