Jointech Labs

Development of effective in-office autologous cell therapy for osteoarthritis

Industry: BioHealth

Country: USA


Osteoarthritis (OA) is today a major worldwide challenge for health systems. It represents indeed the most common degenerative joint disorder and the leading cause of chronic disability among older adults. In the U.S. alone, OA affects 30 million people and it represents a $303 billion economic burden. Available pharmacological treatments only provide symptomatic pain relief and fail to arrest the progressive degeneration of cartilage associated with OA. Morevoer, surgical procedures that promote cartilage repair by implantation of artificial joint structures are expensive procedures. They also require long rehabilitation and might expose patients to the risk of complications.


JointechLabs (JTL) proposes an innovative regenerative protocol for OA that could be easily implemented at POC (Point Of Care). The innovation resides on the unique combination of two components developed by JTL:

1) A unique portable and disposable closed system for the preparation and harvest of Autologous Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) in non-controlled environments;

2) The first clinically approved viscosupplement product that can act as a scaffold to support stem cells growth. This combination will allow the articular injection of Autologous ADSCs isolated at the bedside and encapsulated in a protective hydrogel, which will support and accelerate the release of regenerative cellular factors to promote joint healing in OA.


At the same time, the proprietary gel will provide lubrication for pain relief, creating a favorable environment for the general therapeutic effect.