IQ Control

An innovative calibration software to suppress torque ripple and improve the performance of electric motors.

Industry: Manufacturing

Country: USA


Brushless Direct Current Motors (BLDCs) motors represent a common standard in consumer electronics, robotics and industrial applications.


IQinetics, d.b.a. IQ Motion Control (IQ), is developing the first calibration software to fully compensate for the intrinsic electromagnetic and hardware flaws that hinder the performance of BLDC motors. Torque ripple and errors in the motor position registered by encoders cause poor responsiveness, noise, imprecise positioning, vibrations, and high-power consumption, which all contribute to limit the adoption of BLDC motors in the Robotics industry.


Thanks to its proprietary algorithms, IQ can eliminate these deficiencies and optimize motor performance. The proposed calibration process will take place after motor manufacturing without the need to connect the motor to any external sensing equipment. At the end of the calibration process, low-end motors will be able to perform with the efficiency, power, and smoothness of expensive, high-end motors at a more affordable price. Moreover, as a result of this robust calibration procedure, electric motors can be redesigned to make them less expensive to manufacture.