Development of an enhanced laser beam technology based on a new optical system for industrial laser processing applications

Industry: Manufacturing

Country: The Netherlands


Inkjet marking systems are widely used for marking products, but factors such as high running costs and low quality of marks are preventing the 100% adoption of this technology. The toxicity of inks also makes them harmful to land and water ecosystems. Furthermore, these systems spill tiny droplets of ink while printing, resulting in lower resolution as compared to laser-printed coding. Conventional laser systems cannot solve all the inkjet marking drawbacks, mainly due to their lower marking speed.


InPhocal has developed the world’s first optical system that can be integrated with laser marking systems to increase the focus range of the original laser beam up to 400 times. The laser marking machine integrated with InPhocal technology will provide advantages such as high marking resolution, higher production rate and printability on curved surfaces. In the EIC project, InPhocal team plans to miniaturize the device, and conduct pilot trials followed by business development.