World’s first diagnostic test that can detect all bacterial species in a single assay

Industry: Health

Country: Netherlands


Every year, bacterial infections cause 20% of human deaths. These deaths can be avoided only if the patients are administered correct medical treatment without any delays. Today, the diagnostic tests used to detect and identify bacteria are too slow or not comprehensive enough. Often, doctors have no other option, but to administer treatment through antibiotics based on educated guesswork which can lead to medical complications, in addition to increased patient care costs.


To address these issues, Inbiome is developing a cost-effective diagnostic test called “Molecular Culture” which detects and identifies all bacterial species with 100% accuracy and delivers results within 4 hours. During the EIC project, Inbiome will perform an implementation trial of Molecular Culture in a live hospital setting, optimizing the interface for hospital workflows, clinical validation of additional sample types, adding Anti-Microbial Resistance testing in the workflow, and expanding commercial skills.