HIL Applied

A revolutionary, cost effective, ultra-compact proton therapy system for cancer treatment

Industry: Health

Country: Israel

Website: http://hilappliedmedical.com/

Proton Therapy (PT) is one of the best cancer treatment therapies available. In fact, it is much safer and efficient than chemotherapy or alternative methods. However, prohibitively expensive construction and operation costs limit its use. This is largely the result of using 1930’s-era technology – massive, complex particle accelerators and magnets – which makes this technology inaccessible to the vast majority of the medical centres.


Currently there are only 66 operating PT facilities in the world, addressing only 3-5% of the clinical demand. Single-room solutions are slowly becoming available at lower costs. However, they still remain too expensive for widespread adoption.


HIL’s advanced particle accelerator and beamline technologies aim to make PT widely accessible by applying a patented approach to particle acceleration and beam delivery, combining nano-technology with ultra-high-intensity lasers and novel magnetic design. These technological breakthroughs enable reduction in size of the infrastructure of up to 50%, saving hospitals valuable space and requiring less initial investment. Preliminary cost estimates show that the HIL system will allow hospitals to save up to two thirds on cost of purchase, installation and operation relative to competitors allowing for a much higher adoption rate and a significant increase of cancer treatment rate.