H2GO Power

An innovative Plug&Play hydrogen-based green energy storage system for zero-emission, safe and reliable power supply

Industry: Energy

Country: United Kingdom

Website: https://www.h2gopower.com/index.html

The main challenge for a broad adoption of renewables is the lack of safe, affordable and long-duration energy storage solutions. Currently, the most widespread energy storage solution is Li-ion battery, which is nevertheless unsuitable for long term storage. Hydrogen is a promising alternative to store renewable energy as it is light, storable, and carbon neutral, producing only water as a by-product. Hydrogen-based energy storage is in fact reliable, non-pollutant and can accelerate decarbonisation. However, there is a notable lack of technologies to store hydrogen safely and cost-efficiently at ambient conditions for use in commercial usage.


H2Go Power is a clean-tech company, that develops affordable green energy solutions using its proprietary hydrogen storage technology. Its mission is to provide clean reliable power from renewable sources, bringing profitable social and environmental impact to millions worldwide. H2Go has developed an innovative Plug&Play hydrogen-based energy storage solution, H2Gen+ that combines revolutionary solid-state hydrogen storage technology with AI technology to optimise generation, storage and energy usage. This system is safe, zero-emission, affordable and efficient for a long-duration and reliable power supply, enabling a wide range of commercial applications.