Experience the revolutionary scaling up of the FINAPP Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing probe

Industry: Technology

Country: Italy


Monitoring soil moisture is of utmost importance in agriculture as it enables efficient irrigation, water conservation, cost savings, and ultimately leads to healthier and more abundant crop yields. The water content present in the soil, biomass, and snow is highly sensitive data that holds significant value across various sectors. The estimation of snow water equivalent, which refers to the water content within a snowpack, is a critical parameter for forecasting water availability during the spring and summer seasons.


To address these monitoring needs, Finapp has developed Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing (CRNS) probes, which represent a cutting-edge, next-generation technology for estimating water content. These probes utilize the detection of neutrons generated by the interaction of cosmic rays with the Earth’s atmosphere and water surfaces. Through precise measurements of these neutrons, the CRNS probes are able to provide accurate estimates of the water content. These estimations are particularly valuable due to the wide range of applications they offer.


All CRNS probes are connected to an AI-based Internet of Things (IoT) cloud system. This cloud infrastructure allows for real-time data transmission and provides users with a user-friendly interface to access the information. Additionally, the cloud system employs advanced algorithms to estimate specific factors tailored to the unique requirements of different industries. These factors may include assessments of plant and crop health, as well as evaluations of fire risk, among other applications.