Fimuskraft Biogas Plant (FKBP): a revolutionary and cost-effective biotechnological method to treat and valorise biowaste

Industry: BioTech

Country: Finland


Anaerobic digestion (AD) for the treatment of organic wastes has been hailed as a green and sustainable technology. However, AD adoption has encountered various limitations. For instance, AD plants are applied for centralised waste management with production of pathogenic and low quality digestates, usually landfilled, leading to no waste valorisation. AD plants produce biogas of low yield and energetic potential. In addition, they are significant capital investments with a long payback.


To solve these pains, FimusKraft have developed the FKBP – Fimuskraft Biogas Plant. It is a system which elegantly combines three elements. Firstly, bio-gas fermentation with an innovative biowaste enzymatic pre-handling process and, finally, microturbine with gas analysis and control system. The FKBP is compact and modular and able to simultaneously treat various types of biowaste to produce electricity, heat and high quality ecological organic fertilizer.